Every Day Heroes: Anna Del Rio

Anna Del Rio has lost a daughter to crime and is now being harassed by a street gang because of her job as a dispatcher for Crime Stoppers. Think the L.A. resident is intimidated? Not Hardly. Del Rio, whose 20-year-old daughter was murdered a decade ago, awoke to find her garage door spray-painted with profanity and the numbers “187.” “187” is the police code for homicide. The gang has apparently confused working for Crime Stoppers as being the same as being a police informant. Del Rio took the job as a way to channel her grief about the loss of her daughter into something productive. In response to the vandalism, she has placed a picture of her daughter by her garage door as a makeshift memorial. Del Rio says she refuses to be intimidated by the people who vandalized her property. Police are investigating the incident.

Source: KTLA Website

— Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

3 thoughts on “Every Day Heroes: Anna Del Rio”

  1. Here is someone that is actually “taking back their country” and not just paying lip-service to a right-wing cliche. Good for you Ms. Del Rio! We should all be so self-determined to correct injustice.

  2. I almost feel bad for the gangmembers… They’re probably so undereducated, they don’t stand a chance against the law, even with cops as stupid and unwilling as now.

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