Massachusetts Lawyer Accused of Shredding Court File To Block Murder Trial

In Salem, Massachusetts, lawyer Ilya Ablavsky, 32, has been charged in a bizarre alleged crime of stealing the file for his cousin’s murder trial and destroying it. Ablavsky, a recent graduate of Western New England College School of Law, reportedly stated that it was his understanding that, absent the original indictment, a person could not be charged.

Ablavksy said that he is the cousin of the alleged killer, Jose Cabrera, 20, of Lynn, who is charged in a gang-related shooting in Lynn in 2008. Ablavksy allegedly destroyed 51 documents and called the Clerk’s office to say that he had possession of the documents before shredding them.

He attempted to represent himself but the court-appointed lawyer raised the issue of his mental incompetence.

Previously, in 1999, Ablavsky was charged with making bomb threats against a state representative and a school official at Brandeis University where he was studying. He received five years on probation for that crime and then went on to graduate from Salem State College in 2003. In 2009, he reportedly graduated from Western New England College School of Law and was given his license to practice law this June.

I am not in favor of a blanket prohibition for anyone with a criminal record. Indeed, I have met former felons who have rehabilitated themselves and offer great contributions and insights in the law. However, Ablavsky’s mental stability should have raised concerns. Making bomb threats against both a politician and a school official should have raised serious questions over his suitability for bar membership absent evidence of a treated mental illness.

Source: Salem News

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