New York Police Nab Chess Felons in Park

New York Police swept into a park in bulletproof vests to arrest men trying to kill royals including two kings, two queens, four knights and even four bishops. The men had set up chess boards in a park that was empty at the time. It turns out that they were sitting in an area restricted to children or adults with children. They were given summons to appear to answer for their crimes in court and not allow to “castle” laterally to a nearby park.

Chess felon Yacahuda “Y.A.” Harrison, 49, said that he previously asked about the signs and a ranger told him not to worry about the signs and “said, ‘Oh no, that’s fine, that’s only written for pedophiles.'”

It does raise an issue similar to the recent New Jersey law prohibiting sleeping in public — but only enforced against homeless people. If true, the position of the ranger is that the sign prohibits all adults without children but will only be enforced against people suspected of pedophilia (which is a rather mysterious basis since pedophiles do not have one particular appearance).

What should be clear is that a warning would have been sufficient for the chess players who were only molesting pawns at the time.

Source: NY Post

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  2. I wonder if this story is correct in that maybe the guys were sleeping and maybe it took place in New Jersey?

  3. Hmm, so, in fact..

    pedophiles should make sure they always bring a victim instead of a chessgame.

    Damn, the law is dumb.

  4. Years ago I stopped at a park w playground to breast feed my baby and let my 4 year old play and I was scared and left when I noticed that there were 20 single guys hanging around. From the viewpoint of the parents, they might not feel safe if there are single men there when they show up. A place like that would also be a good place to steal purses. Their having a chess set would not have made me feel comfortable. I like the idea of an area restricted to children and adults w children.

    I thought Central Park has areas for chess playing with tables. I think it is OK for a park to have different areas for different activities. There are also restrictions on where you can and can’t take a dog in the park.

  5. Well a Rookie has to learn sometime……Seems absurd but hey who am I to know the difference…..

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