Can You Hear Me, Major Tom: Scientists Discover First Extra-Galactic Planet

Artist rendering of New Planet

Hot on the heels of the first capture on an atom of anti-matter in a magnetic “bottle,” scientists now say  they’ve discovered the first planet formed outside of the Milky Way. The online edition of the journal “Science” reports that a planet has been found orbiting “our” Star HIP 13044. The new planet is a remnant of an ancient galaxy that collided with the Milky Way and is a mere 2000 light years away.  What makes the find intriguing is that, unlike planets in our solar system, the new planet contains almost no atoms heavier than hydrogen or helium.  Johny Setiwan from the Max Planck Institute says,”It is a puzzle for the widely accepted model of planet formation to explain how such a star, which contains hardly any heavy elements at all, could have formed a planet. Planets around stars like this must probably form in a different way.”

Ok, ok, it’s just a not-so-clever entre to David Bowie:

Source: AP

–Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  2. Because there’s no need for a good lead in to Sun Ra…


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  7. Pete, LOL, but just you wait you Galaxy-ist; in 2 to 3 billion years Andromeda and the Milky Way will intersect and the smart money is on Andromeda messing up every bodies stuff.


  8. LK:

    “It’s gotta’ suck to be a life-form on a planet in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy.”


    More evidence of “intelligent design.”

  9. Apparently the Milky Way is in collision with a small galaxy, a Sagittarius dwarf galaxy right now and “Part of this stream of new stars and is coming past our part of the part of the galaxy, close to the Solar System.”

    “In 1994, UK astronomers discovered a small galaxy just on the other side of our Milky Way galaxy, about to swallowed up by its larger neighbour.

    Since then it has become clear that this Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, as it is been called, is actually orbiting over the poles of our own galaxy, with long streams of stars preceding and trailing the main body.”

    At least one scientist thinks that certain effects of this merger are being observed on our earth currently with seasonal variations in the Dark Matter experiment (Dama)to detect weakly interacting massive particles (Wimps).

    It’s gotta’ suck to be a life-form on a planet in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. 🙁

  10. I read a article on rogue planets recently that postulated that the galaxy probably has a lot of them. Planet formation is a violent business, as is star formation and many proto-planets and planets could find themselves broken up or ejected from their stars influence (at any time in their formation process but probably early on) to simply drift. Without a star to illuminate them or to be influenced by their gravity there is no way to detect them.

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