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  1. This thread seems to have filled up with talk about the evils of fizzy pop.

    Prayer is one of those things that most religions seem to have in some form. Islam is probably the most stringent–five times a day and with some very elaborate rituals, too. Sometimes I’ll bump into a Muslim praying in a relatively public place (a shop keeper, a patient in a hospital laying out her prayer mat in the quiet room) and I always like to be polite and give them plenty of space and time although, honestly, I think prayer and religion in general are bad for people, especially women. And modern Islam seems to be particularly pernicious in its attack on women, though in terms of harm done to women worldwide Christianity is undoubtedly the most damaging.

    Even warfare itself is not so damaging as religion, for even in peacetime women in most countries are kept enslaved and in poverty by religious ideas that should have been cast aside forever a long time ago. Even in affluent countries religion enslaves women.

  2. Swm,

    I too like that song….if most folks trace there ancestry…they too can be Jewish…but then again…never read it in the new testament that Jesus ever said he was Jewish that had to wait until the 3rd Century….by then he was securely dead….

  3. AY That’s a great song. My kids have played it over and over because they had a Jewish grandfather. I guess that make them 1/4 like Harrison Ford.

  4. Put on Your best gear…


    Though the names have changed over the years…

  5. BIL: “…the Pope is a minimal effort kind of guy.”

    **(Say it like Hannibale Lecter talking to Starling about the ‘anthrax island’ idea) “That was goooood.”

  6. Swarthmore mom: “http://killercoke.org/ I don’t think the Coca Cola corporation is the right corporate image for peace either. …”

    ** I recall reading in the late 80’s-early 90’s that AFL-CIO had puled all of it’s organizers out of the Matamoros region of Mexico (near Brownsville) after the sixth one was killed. The great virtue of NAFTA was ‘no unions, no how, no matter what we have to do.’ Same stuff, different country.

  7. Blouise,

    Ifin’ ya happen to see the Real Santa n’ everthang, perhaps someone slipped you the wrong kinda coke…

    The only ‘soda pop’ that is worth drinking is Vernors ‘The Original Ginger Ale’ Barrel Aged 3 Years

  8. anon nurse,

    My sympathies (errand running) 🙂

    Goin’ for a ride on the Polar Express tonight with the youngest grandchild. Gonna see Santa and everything!

  9. kay,

    You are soo right on that. My husband and I eat two fresh fruits everyday … right now we are lunching on a delicious bean soup made in Sept. and frozen, to be followed with two perfectly lovely plums. This morning we had huge black cherries from Mich. with our lattes … no need for anything else.

    I always have a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen island and the kids snack from it as if it were candy. That which isn’t eaten goes into fruit salad.

    (Hint to all you soup people out there … during the last few minutes of simmering, add a bit of beer (not too much) to bean soup to bring out the flavor of the beans … the taste is superb)

  10. I got a giant pomegrante yesterday for $1.79 and my husband and I ate it in bed while watching tv. We are really into fruit. I can’t believe how few people really eat just straight fruit when it is so cheap and delicious. The actual fruit fills you up a lot more than juice. You really should eat fruit 3 -4 times a day.

  11. Ah … the poker party takes on added dimensions … I wonder if Buckeye is afflicted …

    We’ll have to remember to ask him … he hasn’t been posting so suspect he’s off visiting the relatives who refuse to speak to him … he’ll have no idea why the question is being asked … should be fun

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