A Fowl Idea, A Furtive Glance, A Little Turkey Down His Pants

Deon Williams, a 19-year-old from Brooklyn, was caught shoving a 12-pound Boar’s Head turkey breast down his sweatpants on a store surveillance video. The teen then waddled out of the Fine Fare Grocery in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Alerted by cashier Michelle Benjamin of the teen’s “fowl” deed, the store butcher, Sergio Marte, chased after the poultry poacher and demanded that he return the turkey. Williams dumped the filched fowl and then punched the butcher in the jaw when he bent over to retrieve it.

Police have charged Williams with robbery, petit larceny, and criminal possession of the pilfered poultry. As for the Boar’s Head turkey breast, purportedly valued at $84.00? The foul fowl was put back on a store shelf.


New York Post

New York Post

– Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

23 thoughts on “A Fowl Idea, A Furtive Glance, A Little Turkey Down His Pants”

  1. lottakatz,

    This one’s for you–a “Tammy and the Bachelor” movie trailer:


  2. Elaine,

    That was fantastic! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the trailer before.

  3. LK,

    Yeah, can’t forget the TV work. I think Columbo busted him at least twice.


    We are in total agreement. I recently saw “Forbidden Planet” and it holds up better today than some SF movies made only five or ten years ago. Very pretty film too. Nicely shot with great sets.

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