A Fowl Idea, A Furtive Glance, A Little Turkey Down His Pants

Deon Williams, a 19-year-old from Brooklyn, was caught shoving a 12-pound Boar’s Head turkey breast down his sweatpants on a store surveillance video. The teen then waddled out of the Fine Fare Grocery in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Alerted by cashier Michelle Benjamin of the teen’s “fowl” deed, the store butcher, Sergio Marte, chased after the poultry poacher and demanded that he return the turkey. Williams dumped the filched fowl and then punched the butcher in the jaw when he bent over to retrieve it.

Police have charged Williams with robbery, petit larceny, and criminal possession of the pilfered poultry. As for the Boar’s Head turkey breast, purportedly valued at $84.00? The foul fowl was put back on a store shelf.


New York Post

New York Post

– Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

23 thoughts on “A Fowl Idea, A Furtive Glance, A Little Turkey Down His Pants”

  1. Pete,

    “as god as my witness, i thought turkeys could fly.”


    One of the funniest segments ever shown on TV … after all these years I remember the whole thing. Thanks for bringing it back.

  2. Sad to hear that. He had multi-generational appeal starting with his handsome, leading-man movies, his later TV work (about a hundred guest shots on episodic TV) and his comedy movies. 🙂 When he and I were both much younger I thought he was pretty hot, he was a handsome guy. 🙂

  3. And sad news in the comedy department . . .

    Leslie Nielson dead at 84 from complications related to pneumonia.

    As someone who has seen “Forbidden Planet” about a hundred times, I was not prepared for the laughs he gave in “Airplane!”, “Police Squad” and the “Naked Gun” movies.

    Although 84 is a good run, he will be missed.

  4. Elaine,

    That was great, but I have to agree with the YouTube commentators that as an edit job it needed Les’ “Oh, the humanity!” line but still great.

  5. Ok whats wrong here…………….dumb ass shoves it down his pant, waddles out, gets caught, punches the butcher in the face then get arrested, charged with what ” petite larceny “, wtf is that??…then the fowl in question is put back on the shelf??….Who’s the lucky family who got that bird I ask you eh??

  6. Seconded.

    You are truly a paragon of beauty in your discharging your alliterative duties.

  7. Nal,

    I have all I can do to keep up with my alliterative co-guest bloggers.

    You are indeed correct. That was no paltry poultry possession.

    Still, that feather-brained felon failed to flee with the fetid fowl. I’d say there was more than one turkey in this tale.

  8. “purportedly valued at $84.00? The foul fowl was put back on a store shelf.”

    Pre marinated.

  9. “The foul fowl was put back on a store shelf.”

    Hopefully still shrink wrapped.

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