Not Coming Soon To An Episode on Sarah Palin’s Alaska

We usually do not track the latest STD data, but this one is quite remarkable. Alaskan officials are reporting a 69 percent increase in gonorrhea in just one year — 2008 to 2009. This is one area where viewers might not want to “follow me there” to Alaska, as touted on the Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

The new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report reveals the increase and officials are scrambling to educate the public. Alaska ranks ninth in the nation for its rate of gonorrhea — up from the mid-twenties and is the second highest for chlamydia. When Palin promises to open up “the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans,” she was probably not considering the STD records being set in the state.

By the way, while STDs are rising, ratings are falling for the show.

Source: McCatchyDC

32 thoughts on “Not Coming Soon To An Episode on Sarah Palin’s Alaska”

  1. “Why is gonorrhea such a problem in Alaska? Anybody know … or suspect?”

    an increase in people from San Francisco, LA, DC, NY, Chicago and Boston traveling to Alaska?

    “Rosier also noted that the 2008 chlamydia rate among Alaska Natives was six times higher than the rate for Alaska’s white population.”

    Maybe the Inuit are a really randy race?

  2. Mespo,
    I loved the Donavan track! It brought back memories, not to mention the wicked witch video. “Your goodness is melting me!” Is there a connection causal connection between the increase in the STD’s in Alaska and her ratings going down? Are people not watching her show because they are getting busy in the frozen North??

  3. Just couldn’t resist this one after just reading the Cho blog alleging Sarah made Bristol Dance with the Stars to promote her political career. Season of the Witch, indeed.

  4. I see all of you are all we we’d up over Sarah Palin. The fear is palpable.

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