The Bahnhof Bunker

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After being dumped by Amazon, WikiLeaks is now hosted on Bahnhof AB, a Swedish ISP, servers, located in a former nuclear bomb shelter carved out of solid bedrock in the Pionen White Mountains in downtown Stockholm. Although PayPal has ceased allowing donations to WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange is being sought for arrest by Interpol, the WikiLeaks documents are secure. However, the servers are still vulnerable to a denial-of-services attack. Would the U.S. launch a denial-of-services attack on an ISP of an ally?

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-David Drumm (Nal)

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  1. Just a note as to Banhof’s customer service. We tried this company for hosting and they are absolutely terrible. The banhof “cave” looke cool and good for Wikileaks for staying alive. But don’t credit Banhof with doing anyting more than exploiting the situation.

    Our experience with them was so bad I cannot say enough to discourage others from attmepting to use them. The only thing they want is to get you to sign a contract and then extract as much money for as little service as possible.

  2. It seems that Jill here is on the correct path and more power to her. This is a bad if not worse than the 60’s and the ” Nam war ” that clamored for transparency and in many ways was denied. But the people who took it it on wanted to know and as it was shown were given bits and pieces to sooth their minds. But did it. No and now we have the internet and things are not as cut and dried as they were then. What government tells us now is less believed and government by its very definition is less believed now than ever before. Wiki Leaks has shown us that and the ” oligarchy ” that Jill mentions is indeed disgruntled and on the defensive.

    It seems that those in power never learn from history and constantly fall prey to their own failings. Something like this you cannot stamp out ever, its to vast and to far flung and the days of governmental lying and non disclosure seem to be on the wain.

  3. Clearly, the world wide oligarchy is displeased. They have closed ranks, just as they have done financially against the people of each nation. They have launched a concerted attack to censor reality from the people. This is the govt. It is not different from Saudi Arabia or China or Russia or any other dictatorship. Twitter is now censoring wikileaks. The children of Assagne have been given death threats. If you look at our newz, you find little actual information concerning the content of the leaks. Our newz is full on censorship coupled with propaganda. As a citizen I have the right to know what this govt. is doing. I am owed the right to truth concerning its actions during its wars of empire. I am entitled to know about their illegal activities. I need to know how they interlock with the banking industry. This information is being suppressed by this govt. That is an outrage. Here are some mirror sites: Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 208 sites (updated 2010-12-05 19:43 GMT) ipv6 ipv6 ipv6 ipv6 ipv6…

  4. WikiLeaks next target is at least one big bank. Perhaps the banksters are scared. Frankly, if I were Julian Assange’s security chief, I would be much more concerned with the banksters than a government agency. Those people have only one degree of separation, morally and legally, from the Mob.

  5. From the WikiLeaks Twitter page:

    “Sarah Palin says Julian should be hunted down like Osama bin Laden–so he should be safe for at least a decade.”


    WikiLeaks uses Swiss Web address as options narrow

    From his article:

    We have hundreds of specific death threats from U.S. military militants. That is not unusual, and we have become practiced from past experiences at ignoring such threats from Islamic extremists, African kleptocrats and so on,” he said.

    “Recently the situation has changed with these threats now extending out to our lawyers and my children,” he added. “However, it is the specific calls from the elites of U.S. society for our assassination, kidnapping and execution that is more concerning.”

    “U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell called Assange “a high-tech terrorist.” He told NBC’s “Meet the Press” he hopes Assange will be prosecuted for the “enormous damage” the disclosures have done to the country and to its relationship with its allies.”

  7. Those who would shut down WikiLeaks or cause harm to Julian Assange better keep in mind that 1.36 GB “Insurance” file. No telling how many computers around the world have that huge encrypted file sitting on their hard drives. All it will take is a Tweet with the decryption code and I suspect a LOT of people will be embarrassed.

    That file is the true nuclear option. Politicians and demagogues everywhere should have good reason to fear that file, but they persist in running their collective mouths calling for his head to be served up on a platter. Perhaps they are like the scorpion in Aesop’s fable. It is just their nature–they can’t help it.

    Mirror sites are popping up all over the world. Here is a list that is current as of a few hours ago. It may take a minute to load, so be patient.

  8. Historians have been inventing America since her founding. We are living in a time when Americans officially sanctioned torture, attacked another nation without cause, and will probably shoot every dastardly arrow in our quiver at some internet provider. Ten years from now all of those facts will be “re-done” by historians and fifty years from now the schoolkids will be learning all about our stand against torture, our fight to free others from oppression, and the super human efforts our government put into keeping the internet free and open to all.

    That’s what we do and that’s who we are.

  9. Sure they would and why the hell not as the US is no angel when it comes to the use if dirty tricks to protect themselves…….and to the Wiki Leak fiasco, is this just not information that most of the world has long suspected, sort of like common knowledge just not broadcast or spoken about??

  10. “Would the U.S. launch a denial-of-services attack on an ISP of an ally?”

    Of course they would. To do otherwise would be against the Federal Fascist Government’s policy of attacking whomever they like with impunity.

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