Tron Lightcycle

You have to click the link on the video and watch it on YouTube.

Parker Brothers Choppers, a Florida bike shop, has put together 10 custom-built, street-legal Tron Lightcycles. One could be yours for a mere $55,000. Looks uncomfortable for long rides but who cares, I want one.

H/T: Wired.

-David Drumm (Nal)

20 thoughts on “<i>Tron</i> Lightcycle”

  1. I know but I’ve seen you around on other blogs so it has to be more than that, even if it’s a little.

    Best of luck with your project. I recently found out my neighbor is a Duke Alum but he gad u ated before your time so he is not familiar with you, you being a star of Duke that is.

  2. As someone who may see Tron on opening night (esp. since Daft Punk are both doing the soundtrack and appear in the film), I am very sad to say that…. that thing looks pretty stupid out here in meatspace.

  3. Bdaman,

    The car is cool (I want the computer to drive it for me as well, though…). I am not yet gainfully employed – I have been spending my time away working on a new programming project (a GUI for creating, debugging, maintaining, and running mathematical models of protein interactions in the cell = I hope to have a prototype by the first of the year which I can use to look for funding…), consulting on the mathematics of the Kidney, and paying no attention to political news whatsoever. It was blissful.


    Thanks. Yes, like MacArthur, I have returned (although personally I’ve never been to the Philippines so I am currently incapable of returning there…). I needed to go ‘cold turkey’ for a while – I was spending far too much time posting here – so I could get my project started but I missed you guys, too.

  4. BBC’s James May test drives the GM Hy-Wire concept car. The car uses hydrogen fuel cell propulsion and drive “by-wire” technology.

  5. It probably doesn’t turn into a glowing rod for easy storage, though… 🙁

  6. eniobob,

    Not only highly embarrassing, but at 55K, expensive to repair attention too!

  7. BIL:

    And should you wipe out can you imagine the attention you would get at your most vulnerable moment?LOL!!

  8. eniobob,

    Good point. Not that any bike is good to wipe out one, this one could grab you pretty good.

  9. Nal,I had a Honda 750/4 those who ride no what that means,I have tasted the asphalt a few times in my day and this machine looks like quite a project picking that bad boy up off your extremites,should you wipe out leaning into a turn.

  10. They are pretty cool…Nal, have you seen the wheel that a person from UM has worked on….It is rather strange to see go down the road…

  11. First get me the extra $55,000 then I will consider if I want to purchase a neat looking computer vehicle. It does look sharp though. I just don’t it is too practical for Northern Illinois winters!

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