Run A Mile In My Shoes: Dr. “Elvis” Aids Collapsed Runner

A San Francisco anesthesiologist dressed as Elvis Presley “D[idn’t] Think Twice” and came to the aid of a collapsed runner at Las Vegas’  Rock-and-Roll half marathon. Claudio Palma, M.D., dressed in jumpsuit, long sideburns and scarf, (and maybe “Blue Suede Shoes” or even “High-Heeled Slippers,” who knows) administered CPR to the passed-out young lady. Startled upon her revival, the runner said she was O.K. and bid farewell to the look-alike who “Return[ed] to Sender” with the other runners. To cap off the day, Palma “D[id] the Vega,” and got married at a run-through chapel.

Source:  YahooNews

–Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

9 thoughts on “Run A Mile In My Shoes: Dr. “Elvis” Aids Collapsed Runner”

  1. Well, right about then the guy who booked the gig came to tell us that the bar in the hall was open, so we all got our booze after all.

    Since it was a fundraiser for a good cause (if I remember correctly it they assisted the homeless in Seattle find mental help) we actually donated our time (I do that about once a year). We got a tax write off and a bottle of a fairly nice wine that a local winery had made just for this fundraiser (it’s a yearly event).

  2. Wait, wait, wait….Elvis has been sited in Vegas again…The last I heard was Kalamazoo, MI…..where have I been….

  3. Gyges,

    Your story illustrates that maybe it’s not so good to be the King. It reminds of a time I saw George Thorogood and the Destroyers. It was brutally hot, even as the concert was starting at dusk. After about three songs for a very heat listless crowd, George stepped up to the microphone and said, “I know it’s hot, but you all know you can still dance, right? You don’t have to get crazy but it’s called ‘rock and roll’, not ‘stand and watch’.”

  4. Gyges, Priceless. Don’t mess with The King. I hope you learned your lesson 🙂

  5. That reminds me of this Gig I played at an Elk’s club. We were playing a fund raiser, which started with an Elvis impersonator and finished with my group playing some light dinner jazz.

    Anyway, we had all finished with the sound checks and Elvis was dressed and ready to start and we decided to hit the bar for a quick drink before hand.

    None of us were members of the Elks club.

    I’ll never forget Elvis yelling (with a noticeable Minnesota accent) “Do you think I just dress like Elvis so I can get drinks in an Elk Club? This damn suit costs more than my car.”

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