Video: Florida Gunman Shoots At School Board Before Shooting Himself

This video contains very disturbing footage. What is striking is how brave and calm the school board members, particularly Bay City Schools Superintendent Bill Husfelt, prove under pressure. The gunman has been identified as Clay A. Duke.

At one point, a female school board member [Ginger Littleton] who was allowed to leave returned to try to take the gun away. This looks like a case of “suicide by cop” to me.

After security guard Mike Jones wounded Duke, he appears to have shot himself.

I think the video shows members doing precisely what they should do in such a circumstance. The only exception would be Littleton, who was clearly quite brave. It was unlikely that she could overpower Duke and could have caused the gun to go off while it was pointing at the other board members. I also thought it was a commendable act of restraint by the officer not to simply come in firing. He waited to see if the gunman could be persuaded by the board members and only acted when the gunman fired toward the chair. There is an abundance of courage shown by people in this video.

According to this report, Duke’s wife was fired and claimed a violation of her employment rights, but never filed suit. Police have reported that Duke appears to have planned the attacks — circling the date on his calendar.

Nevertheless, this is a remarkably sad video and a sad statement of our times in his economy.

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    For what it’s worth I thought the lady that brought a PURSE to a gunfight, even though she crept up behind him and had the element of surprise, acted foolishly and put the others at more risk. Now if she had a nice 10″ Henckels chef’s knife in that purse and had used that to ‘hit’ him in the back with I’d probably feel differently about it.

  8. Gun control is not whether one should have the right to bear arms, gun control is being able to hit your target. 🙂

  9. Well, I had to say something since pete has a quick and very good sense of humor, albeit somewhat twisted at times, as he once admitted (re; “if an American had caught that French baby that fell from the building, the guy would had spiked the kid and done an end zone victory dance (paraphrased)

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    Thanks pete, that was classic. Here’s another from “The Shootist” starring –who else? — John Wayne:

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    1, December 15, 2010 at 4:57 pm
    Otterray Scribe:

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    what kind of weapon was the grapefruit using?

  14. Save the money, Chan.

    Use it to buy yourself a conscience and we’ll call it even.

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