Honor Killing

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

We have previously discussed Islamic honor killings, here and here. We have previously discussed an Indian honor killing here. We can now add a Christian honor killing to our rogue’s gallery.

A newlywed couple was murdered by the brides’s older brother, to restore the family honor. The dishonor? The husband was Muslim, the wife was Christian.

The bride’s family could not support the marriage. They had insisted that the groom convert to Christianity and the wedding take place in a church. The couple eloped hoping the family would come to acquiesce when presented with a fait accompli.

Their plan didn’t work as they had hoped.

An interfaith marriage brings dishonor to a family but a double murder does not? Insanity.

H/T: The Secular Outpost.

10 thoughts on “Honor Killing”

  1. Come on! Where are all those fine folks that always use this sort of religious insanity from some non-Christian faith as absolute proof of the superiority of the Christian God? Doesn’t this event also prove that all Christians are violent misogynists? Doesn’t this event devalue all Christians? Aren’t all ‘reasonable’ Christians required to begin every discussion with a denunciation of this?

    Or could it be that those people were wrong before & those of us who have pointed out that religious insanity is a disease that ignores what cosmic muffin or hairy thunderer its victims have deified are right?

  2. Amazing point, that if intelligent life were to evolve on earth and humans were still around, they’d immediately exterminate it.

    As for mosquitoes…

    I was a teenager and seeing ever more clearly the sickness part of human existence. I would go to the mountains alone and often to clean both my mind and my soul. On this particular evening, hiking up a trail and sweating, I attracted a large number of flies about my head. As I took a break, one of them landed on my forearm, stuck it’s “mouth” into my skin, and proceeded to drink away, unperturbed as I sat there inspecting it. At that moment as I looked upon it feasting upon me, I decided in my soul that if my life was only of value to feed this biting fly, so be it. It was welcome to feed on me.

    Time has passed, my life has become of value in ways I could never have understood back then, and now I too swat these pests with nary a second though 🙂

  3. Both of my parents studied biology in college, and, as a grade school student, I had free access to their books. So, in high school, I never bothered to take any biology classes. I took lots of them in college and at university.

    While a yet a grade school student, pondering the plausible meaning of the various theories of evolution then in vogue, I recognized the central disaster of the notion of evolution.

    If evolution actually happens, it may eventually be possible for intelligent life to evolve on planet earth. Should that happen, and humans are still around, I recognized that humans would immediately exterminate any form of intelligent life that managed to evolve.

    Which has led me to speculate as to whether the “Dr. Who” writers dreamed up Daleks as humanoid counterparts of human mosquito counterparts.

    Alas, I love all of life, including mosquitoes. That is why I swat them at every opportunity.

    Now you know of someone who loves mosquitoes. What matters is loving mosquitoes. How I love them, and what I do in loving mosquitoes, is immaterial, much as are the living mosquitoes after I have swatted them.

    I have yet to hear even one mosquito complain to me about what I did to it, after I have swatted it. Swatted children, on the other hand, do tend to complain, if they survive alive.

  4. Methinks this event may help reinforce my religious scientist orientation of having as the only dogma that there shall be no other dogma, and as the only doctrine that there shall be no other doctrine.

    Of course, I am skeptical about that dogma and that doctrine, though somewhat less so than about any other dogma or doctrine.

    I swat mosquitoes out of reverence for life. If people swat all the mosquitoes that bite people, we will help mosquitoes evolve into a species that does not bite people. In this way, humans can help mosquitoes have a safer future.

    Proof by analogy is a form of formal logic fallacy.

    Ain’t evolution just simply wonderful?

  5. From the link, it looks like the couple were Turkish. That would be a good detail to add to the story.

  6. Wow! Relgious insanity! This is what happens when you take religious fervor too far. We have to be able to respect everyone else’s religious beliefs or non-beliefs. Very sad.

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