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We have previously discussed blasphemy incidents here and here. In the Bizarro world of blasphemy, this one takes the cake.

A doctor in Hyderabad, Pakistan has been arrested by Pakistani authorities on suspicion of blasphemy.

Police are investigating whether the doctor should be charged with blasphemy. The incident for the doctor began when he threw away the business card of Muhammad Faizan, a representative for a pharmaceutical company.

Muhammad Faizan had visited the doctor’s clinic and handed the doctor one of his business cards. When Muhammad later saw the doctor throw the card away he went straight to the police and filed a complaint, because Faizan and the Prophet have the same name.

Crazy piled on top of crazy.

H/T: SFGate.

10 thoughts on “Blasphemy”

  1. I love how this place can hear a story about Muslim law, which as a rule is opposed to Christianity, and take all of ten seconds to rant about how this shows Christianity is bad.

  2. “All righty then”…

    “Crazy piled on top of crazy.” -Nal

    I think that pretty well sums it up.

  3. I think the doctor should have someone go through the jack-ass’s trash, find personal papers he has thrown away and have him arrested as well.

  4. “Crazy piled on top of crazy.”

    So if the doctor killed the pharma rep and claimed it was an ‘honor’ killing for the pharma rep calling his, the doctors, devotion to his, the doctors, religion into question with the police complaint… Would the blasphemy complaint languish or go away because the witness/plaintiff couldn’t testify? Just how crazy do you have to be to beat the system if the system is crazy?

  5. Rafflaw, when I see letters to the editor of our local paper claiming this country was founded as a “Christian nation” and the supreme law of the land is not the Constitution but the Bible, my head wants to explode.

    These folks are sincere in their beliefs. They are hearing this from the pulpit and from the weepers on Faux News. And they keep these beliefs in a logic-tight compartment. And they desperately want the power to run things, so as one recent writer to the paper put it, “To set things right.”

  6. OS,
    This is another example of the craziness that occurs when religion replaces civil law. Hopefully, the far religious right here in the states won’t get anymore influence than they already have,because if they do we are heading down this same path.

  7. I posted this quote previously, but seem apropos here as well.

    Of all the strange “crimes” that human beings have legislated of nothing, “blasphemy” is the most amazing – with “obscenity” and “indecent exposure” fighting it out for the second and third place.
    Robert Heinlein

    There is not much to add to what Heinlein said.

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