Hope Over Experience: Kelsey Grammer Preparing for $50 Million Divorce Payout To Third Wife While Refusing Pre-Nup With Fourth Wife To Be

It is becoming abundantly clear why Kelsey Grammer did not play a lawyer on television. The Frasier star is about to divorce his third wife, Camille Donatacci, who reportedly refused a $30 million settlement because it did not include child support or alimony. He did not have a prenup. However, Grammer, 55, wants to hurry along the divorce so he can marry his fourth wife, 29-year-old Kayte Walsh. However, he is again refusing to do a pre-nup because he is certain this time that they are meant for each other. The case is a textbook account of the limits on lawyers being able to protect clients from themselves.

Camille is likely to get around $50 million.

Wife number four is expected to wed him as soon as wife number three is paid off. Grammer seems to treat marriage like bad gamblers treat poker — the next hand will be the one I have been waiting for. I give him points for romance but this appears the ultimate example of hope triumphing over experience.

I can only imagine the consultation with his attorney, who is duty bound to gently suggest that he could make the pre-nup ceremony quite romantic and fun for both parties. Alternatively, has he considered gratuitous relations as an alternative to marriage? At this rate, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is going to dedicate a shrine to Grammer with a plaque reading “Follow Thy Heart . . . And Retain Thy Lawyer.”

Of course, divorce lawyers are not the only members of the bar facing recidivists but few feel free to give the most direct advice: [warning bad language]

Source: NY Post

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  1. WOOOOOW THAT ALOT OF MONEY!!!! $50 Million Divorce Payout To Third Wife While Refusing Pre-Nup With Fourth Wife To Be..

    hmm is the lawyer getting that money or what going on.. i would love to be that lawyer well if he getting that money lol
    cheap divorce

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