Lincoln Nebraska Police Shown Arresting Man For Firing Crossbow at Target in Backyard

I saw this story on Reddit and it raises a lot of unanswered questions. The Examiner below reports that the video was taken by the wife of Gary Grana, 33, who was arrested for firing a crossbow in his yard at a target. Grana ends up under a pile of officers after a rather large number of officers respond to the call.

Here is how the video was originally described before it was removed by YouTube (it is back now):

“This is a video that I took of my husband being wrongfully accused and detained. They originally came because someone wrongfully accused my husband of firing a crossbow in our yard (crossbows are legal in our state). He told them he was not firing a crossbow and there was not a crossbow outside or any evidence of one being outside. The police asked him for ID and he refused on grounds that he wasn’t doing anything to facilitate them asking for ID. Next thing he knew the police jumped him, then the police tripped over our steps and crashed through a wooden fence which injured the officers hand. They slammed my husbands head against my front door, breaking my door (I can’t even shut it properly now and have to replace it) and sprayed him with mace and started beating the crap out of him. All of a sudden my husband is being charged with assault on an officer?! SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE!!!!!”

Despite the obvious tension, there are officers at the scene who are trying to calmly determine what occurred in this incident that left officers injured and a man arrested.

He was charged with discharging a weapon within city limits, even though he was not holding the crossbow when the police encountered him. The police added charges of third degree assault on an officer, refusing to comply, and resisting arrest.

Source: Examiner

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  1. rafflaw,

    You may be right about Ford. I don’t really know. Perhaps it is just wishing on my part to believe his motivation for the pardon was as he stated.

    In the end, however, whatever his real motivation, I did not agree with the action and looking at the precedent he established and how that precedent has played out with Obama, Ford was even more wrong than I initially believed.

  2. Blouise,
    I agree with your take on the genesis of Obama’s hesitancy to go after the Bush torture crowd. I am not sure I agree that Ford did it because he thought it was right. I think he did for the very same reasons that Obama has taken torture investigations “off the table”.

  3. Brian,

    “There are no people of bad intent, as best I can understand people and people’s lives.”

    This is a logical error based on your primary point of reference: yourself. Because you have no bad intent, it’s a composition error to think that there are no other people with bad intent. There are people in this world who will cheat, lie and steal from you – even kill you – simply because they can. Psychopaths are very real and very dangerous. The nurture/nature debate is beside the point of their existence. Just as you were born with differences in perception from “normal” (whatever that is) people, so are others born with yet even differences in perception. Take for example schizophrenia, which may be both inherited or induced. It’s a totally difference perceptual perspective than either the spectrum of autistic behaviors or baseline perception. However, unlike autism, which in your case keeps you so bound to reality you have difficulty lying, schizophrenics can have free form delusions that have no basis in reality at all. Like it or not, there are people with bad intent. The intent to kill (with the exception of self-defense or the defense of others) is always bad – based in delusion (like a schizophrenic or a psychopath) or not (like a sociopath who may kill for a rational reason like financial gain or to cover another crime) makes no difference.

    True, you cannot live your life in fear of such people, but to not acknowledge their existence is a dangerous thing.

  4. Little children are like computers; they do what you told them to do, whether you meant it or not.

    Tell a little child to be deceptive and the child honestly will be deceptive.

    What is Existence if not the existential quantum computer computing the probability patterns of itself, including us?

    “G-d” is one among many names given to the Human Experience of the Transcending Process of Existence, Creating Itself through the Evolution of Its Own Existence. I, as a human, am a figment of the Imagination of Existence?

    How many times will I be told, “Go away!”
    while seeking words I may decently say?

  5. My professional information is pubic record.

    There are no people of bad intent, as best I can understand people and people’s lives.

    There are people who have been badly hurt by misunderstandings, misinterpretions, and whose hurts have resulted in their being further misunderstood in a compounding vicious cycle.

    We, as a species, if we are to have a viable future, need to start constructing a society in which is is better to be truthful than deceitful, or deceit will likely overwhelm all of us.

    I about a careful as a person can be, or so methinks. Being a careful person, I am full of care for other people as for myself. In a society in which people commit fraud as a reaction to harm, as though tit-for-tat justice will ever work, there are people who choose to live as though society is decent, and the more people so live, the more decent society becomes.

    I was talking with a friend earlier today, a friend who knows of the difficulties of my life. I said something akin to, “My life is like (hint-like is like analogy) I have sometimes walked into a lions den and been torn apart and eaten by the lions; on passing through the lions and coming out the other end, it is as though I have picked up the undigested parts of myself, found myself much improved, and thanked the lions for their help.

    I choose not to save my life by losing it nor lose my life by saving it. I choose to live my life by living it.

    I live the testable hypothesis that a life based on trusting the gift of life is better for me than a life based on mistrusting the gift of life could ever be.

    I reject the notion that there are people of bad intent; I allow that there are people who have been abused, hurt, treated with despicable contempt, and worse, and that some such people act out their inner trauma in ways that do simply awful damage to others.

    If I were to live my life in fear of such people, I would dare not leave my house to get food; how can I know who I will encounter or what whoever I encounter will do. Were I to be in paralizing fear people who have been hurt, of whom on earth would I not needs be utterly terrified?

    Furthermore, if I am dreadfully mistaken and there are people of bad intent, I would expect them to be able to use my professional information as a way of becoming people of good intent; why would I do anything to preclude that?

    Nice kitty, nice kitty. What a fine mane you have! You are hungry? How may I be of help?

  6. Dr. Harris:

    people of bad intent can use your professional information. I would advise against posting it.

  7. When I look back at Gerald Ford’s protection of Nixon … an act that set the precedent for Obama’s protection of Bush … I see a deeply flawed Nixon but no cowardice. I believe Ford actually thought he was doing what was in the nation’s best interest. He was wrong. However, he was not protecting a coward.

    Obama is. And in so doing has tied himself most firmly to Bush’s cowardice and that legacy separates him from Ford and will follow him into the history books.

  8. “If you ever saw the complete seven minutes of W sitting in the classroom after being told the country was under attack you saw the same look.” (Lottakatz)

    Ain’t that the truth and I remember thinking as I watched that as it was unfolding … “we (as a nation), are truly fucked ’cause this guy has no courage in him.”

    Later, a couple of days later, I read a comment made by some British Major who had seen the 7 minute tape of Bush and he said something like, “I’ve seen that look occasionally on the face of one of my officers; he is immediately dismissed from battle.” (I’m paraphrasing and can’t find the quote on Google but remember it vividly as it reinforced my initial fears.)

    In my opinion Bush spent the next 8 years trying to prove to himself that he was not that coward … and failed.

    It is also my belief that that one piece of tape will follow him forever and will eventually define his Presidency in the history books.

  9. Blouise, My ‘ought’a check that out’ trigger is most often tripped on the negative side of an equation. Doctor Harris is one of the good guys, he couldn’t set off my BS detectors.

    J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E.: “Police work, perhaps more than any other sort of work, entails frequent, intense activation of the danger-detector brain function (fight-flight-freeze-finish) system, and that intermittent, unpredictable intense activation profoundly alters environmental event processing in police officer’s brains, and police officers respond to this variable-ratio reinforcement as though intense stress responses are normal aspects of routine living.”

    I have thought along those same lines many times. Some many, many years ago I was with a crowd of people at a public park pavilion. It was a popular place for young people of the hippie persuasion to gather on the weekends. You could always find about a hundred people here. The police would always show up, about a dozen of them. A few would be on horses and a couple would have dogs and the rest would be on foot patrol.

    The ones with dogs would make a point of going through he crowd and making people get out of the way for them. You ended up very close to those particular policemen weather you wanted to be or not. What amazed me the first time I ended up face to face with one of those cops was that even with a dog, he had scared eyes. Very scared. He was scared in a crowd that was mellow to the point of being a sprawl. I thought that was very dangerous for everyone. He isn’t the first cop that I have encountered that was whistling past the graveyard.

    If you ever saw the complete seven minutes of W sitting in the classroom after being told the country was under attack you saw the same look.

  10. I don’t believe you have to actually produce an ID cause an officer says so…alot of people do because they think they have too…also when ask by an officer to search your car you do not have to agree to that either…that is a pretense to finding something to arrest your for..not to many people would refuse this request tho…what does Turley think?

  11. Dr. Harris,

    Ah … if only we lived back in the days of Ben Franklin and his fellow “pen-namers” … but alas, we live now so a pen name is out for I want to see you reach retirement at 180 years of age.

    Sherlockian Lottakatz is also good at uncovering those who are in plain sight so … we’d best return to your original philosophy and stick with honesty.

    Seriously … I truly appreciated “Itty Kit’s Dream” … the manner in which you folded it into the that which was being discussed … or perhaps it sprang from the discussion … whichever, I enjoyed it.

    On second thought (“Always trust the Americans’ second thought” Alistair Cooke (I think))… Lottakatz loves cats …

    I’m beginning to ramble which means it’s time for bed.

  12. Blouise,

    no, nO, No, NO!

    You would surely not make me lose my P.E. license. Please, NO!

    Using a pen name is a form of deception, as professional engineer, in my work as a professional engineer, any deception on my part is cause for license revocation.

    Being a slow learner (all autistic people are slow learners? Isn’t prejudice just grand!?), it took me until I was a few days short of age 61 to get my P.E. license. Reading and understanding college level texts when I was eight. Yep. I sure have been a slow learner…

    If I use a pen name pseudonym, I suppose it could take me twice as long to get my license back as it took me to get it the first time. I would be age 193 years. I had hoped to retire by the age of 180.

    Methinks my best way for me to safely hide is right out, in plain sight. Who ever bothers to look there?

  13. Dr. Harris,

    Then, my dear, we will find a “pen name” that suits you and confound all those who seek you out!

    However, we can only hope that our very own Sherlockian, Lottakatz, does not get on your trail for surely she will find you behind whatever pen you hide.

  14. Blouise,

    [Whew, tha speling uvfh yore naim loks wright]

    It weren’t my idea for copyright, starting in 1923, to be infinitely piecemeal extended, so that it will be at least several dectillion years before anything done in 1923 or later ever becomes public domain…

    I write things here to share them with others.

    I have read copyright notices which, were there ever to be plain meaning(s) for any word(s), the mere reading the book would form a sort of copyright violation of it within the mind and/or brain of the reader.

    I mentioned in passing the automatic provision, because I allow giving credit to an author is proper, and I allow that I understand the world differently than others may.

    In a group setting some years ago, the designated group leader asked the members to each answer a question, “What is your material possession?”

    I answered, as I have always understood,
    “In truth, I have no material possessions, yet there are many material things over which I have been given stewardship.
    Of all these, my favorite is my body, for, without it, I would have no stewardship of anything else material.”

    How can I be blamed for writing “Itty Kit’s Dream” if I am not identified as the author, and how can someone sue me if, as by channeling (“channeling is using the channel up or down buttons on a TV remote control?”) or some such, I plagiarized it from another perpendicular universe? (Get the parallel?)

    So, I do not mind “Itty Kit’s Dream” bouncing around, and with my name therewith is preferred, the better for who, whose copyright I violated, to come and get me. Oh, Lord!

  15. Dr. Harris,

    (If I repost Itty Kit’s Dream somewhere and fail to give credit to you or post and do give credit to you … have I violated a copyright law?

    Well, I’m going to do it … follow with my comment and then wait for the mid-night knock on my door.)


    “Itty Kit’s Dream

    Itty Kit, her appetite to please,
    Ate a bit of aged sharp cheddar cheese;
    Then napping, spreading her baited breath,
    Called forth a mouse that soon caught its death.”(J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E.)

    POOF! (as in “disappears”?)

  16. FFLEO, and all others:

    To your,

    “I wait with bated breath for a reply from others! Oh, Please I beseech thee!”

    I can say no better than, “Bravo! Bravissimo!”

    I have been waiting with bated breath for over 23 years, so far.

    But “baited breath” shows up as non-Shakespearian-proper in one of my dictionary-like sources.

    My wife and I are allowed by Itty Kit to live in her house, some housecats are better at sharing that some people are.

    Itty Kit’s Dream

    Itty Kit, her appetite to please,
    Ate a bit of aged sharp cheddar cheese;
    Then napping, spreading her baited breath,
    Called forth a mouse that soon caught its death.

    ((c) 2011, J. Brian Harris, per automatic copyright provisions)
    (I done did do a Google(TM) search, no comparables found by me)
    (Yes, I plagiarized the “breath-death” pun, though from where I forget)

    Methinks it best to not bait police officers with the result of being trapped in jail, awaiting with bated breath for the trap to sprung.

    I will not fault police officers for assigned duties which are sometimes impossible to decently perform. Police work, perhaps more than any other sort of work, entails frequent, intense activation of the danger-detector brain function (fight-flight-freeze-finish) system, and that intermittent, unpredictable intense activation profoundly alters environmental event processing in police officer’s brains, and police officers respond to this variable-ratio reinforcement as though intense stress responses are normal aspects of routine living.

    It is a routine aspect of my life, one which does not intensely erratically activate my danger detector, to wait patiently for someone to really understand the work I have done well enough to be, with respect to the bioengineering work I have done, like Itty Kit to her dreamed-up (in my imagination, only?) mouse.

    Yet my work does have a cat-and-mouse aspect. One mistake actually made, how it actually could have been avoided truthfully told by actually going back in time and actually changing the mistake so it did not happen, with unambiguous evidence of the mistake having actually changed in the actual past, and I capitulate, and my work will catch its death.

    Or, the tradition of holding individual people accountable and punishable for situational factors outside the individual person’s locus of control will catch its death.

    Who is cat and who is mouse, as analogy; my work, or (tens upon tens of) thousands of years of established cultural tradition?

    Being of scientist ilk, I go for scientific evolution.

    Evolution is change happening.

    Change happens.

    Found two U.S. pennies in a drawer, dated 1977 and 2008.

    Change happened, I have the pennies to prove it.

    If I could help change something else, what would I help change?

    From the libretto, G. F. Handel, Messiah, “Why do the nations so furiously rage together, and why do the people imagine a vain thing?”

    Methinks nations furiously rage together because people furiously rage together because people are enraged by having been rent asunder within by having been coerced into self-deception by the deception of the notion that life is adversarial-competitive in essence.

    Methinks the terrible twos are of the internalizing of the adversarial deception that you need to lose for me to win.

    Change happens. Found another penny. 1976.

    The bicentennial happened.

    Will the nations so furiously rage together that the tricentennial happens without people?

    Were I asked and were it up to me,
    That change the world will never see.

  17. doc harris is fun to watch

    instead of “shooting someone down in flames”
    he makes their aircraft disappear

  18. “Every single breeze seems to whisper ‘Blouise'”. Happy New Year back at ya! Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’. I’m a fan.

  19. Happy New Year, HenMan … look forward to reading more from you … much more

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