Florida Officer Arrested After Video Shows Him Punching Inmate

The video below has resulted in the arrest of a Brooksville Florida police officer, Detention Sgt. David Dixon, after he was shown punching an inmate in the face for no apparent reason. The sheriff said that man was just “running his mouth” and did not deserve to be punched at the Hernando County Jail.

The man, Brian McCormack, 22, had been arrested on a charge of obstruction without violence when he allegedly prevented police from treating an overdose victim.

Dixon was fired from the force and then arrested on a battery charge.

Source: The Daily Blender and Tampa Bay

24 thoughts on “Florida Officer Arrested After Video Shows Him Punching Inmate”

  1. He prevented someone from getting medical attention? Sounds to me like he deserved to be shoved out of the way. The video doesn’t look anyone attempting to give medical attention though. Sounds like there’s data missing.

  2. Lotta,

    We are home now … it will be the first New Years Eve, in 46 years of knowing each other, we’ve ever spent with just each other. We’re looking forward to it.

  3. rafflaw,

    I have never looked for the clip on line. I remember it from the night Carson talked about it and played the segment of the tape carrying Vidal’s warning. It was a rather remarkable thing for Carson to do as he usually stayed far away from such things.

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