Resolutions and Dreams for 2011


Now that the end of the year is just hours away, I thought it would be nice to put into writing some of the New Years resolutions that I have for 2011. This year has been a year of highs and lows for myself and for the country. These resolutions are my hopes and dreams for myself, the country and the world in the coming year.

My First resolution is that the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq come home and that the United States rids itself of the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about many years ago. I realize that I am asking for a lot, but I can dream, can’t I? Just imagine the corporations that Congress could bankroll with all of the extra funds that would be available if we are no longer spending billions on wasteful war spending in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We could even use those extra Billions to help find a cure for Cancer or AID’s or MS.  Heck, we could maybe find a cure for all of them with that kind of spare change!

My Second resolution is that the economy returns to full employment. I am not talking about just improving the unemployment situation.  I am talking about jobs for everyone. To achieve this goal may actually require corporations to hire Americans to do work here in America, but now that corporations are treated like citizens, they should pitch in to help the country. Related to this resolution is the hope that Congress can see the way to make it beneficial for corporations to hire Americans to work here and not to outsource American jobs overseas. I apologize in advance to the United States Chamber of Commerce for taking away a large source of income from them. They will just have to work harder on the domestic donors.

My Third resolution is that “Obamacare” actually be improved to include a strong Public Option or a “Medicare for all” provision that will actually improve the health care for all Americans. Having a “Medicare for all” or true Public Option plan would assist our employers who compete against companies in countries that actually care about their citizen’s health. It would also provide me with great entertainment as I watch the Tea Party and Fox News pundits heads explode in true HD!

My Fourth resolution is that the Obama Adminstration’s Justice Department should begin to follow the rule of law no matter how disturbing or politically inconvenient it may be. They can start by investigating and prosecuting any and all Bush officials who authorized and approved of torture techniques under the guise of “enhanced interrogation techniques”. Since both former President George W. Bush and his Vice President, Dick Cheney have admitted to authorizing the water boarding of detainees in television interviews and in print, the investigation should not cost the taxpayers too much. If that investigation finds other current or former politicians involved in acts of torture, the taxpayers would just be getting more bang for their investigative buck!

My Fifth and final resolution is more of a personal one. It is my hope and prayer that my family has a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. I also hope that the Bulls win the NBA Championship and the Black Hawks win another Stanley Cup. I also hope that da Bears win the Super Bowl and that the Cubs lose to the White Sox in the 2011 World Series. (Sorry Professor)  Now I know I am dreaming!  I hope I don’t wake up!!  Happy New Years to all.

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  1. For those who have lost, this may be the most mournful song known to man:


    Mingus wrote the original was an attempt to recreate the blues played by his band after they learned about the death of Sax great Lester Young.

  2. Swarthmore mom,

    Ah, that steadfast Texas tradition; that sure sounds good. I did not even open a cold can of black-eyed peas this New Year, although I do have a can or two in the cupboard within at least a year or so ago of the expiration date…

    You ladies sure had a lot of handsome 50s/60s drifting TV cowpokes for which to swoon.

    The king of all those real men heroes had to be Clint Walker of Cheyenne fame.

  3. FFLEO, Ricky Nelson is way better lookin. I fixed my daughter some black eyed peas and cornbread for the New Year yesterday.

  4. SwM,

    Thanks for the Dream footage … I’d never seen that particular clip before

  5. rafflaw,

    I do remember Bronco and especially the theme song. I ‘spect the old ladi…er, the women here ’bout our age remember him too and the theme lyrics (at the end of this great video review of the program).

    Young ladies (got any herebouts?), get ready to swoon as your predecessors did in the 50s/60s…

  6. FFLEO,

    Belated congratulations on your granddaughter coming home.

    She’ll have you wrapped around her finger in no time at all, grandpa! 😉

  7. Blouise,

    M. Parks is an under-rated actor. I would not have evre heard that song if you had not posted it, thanks.

    Anon nurse,

    No problem, Ma’am! Viva YouTube!


    I like the Everly Brothers because thay sang many of the old folk tunes in addition to their 50s/60s pop songs. Of those later songs this is among my many favorites,

    Also, I got my swept-back hair style from them and ol’ Rowdy Yates on Rawhide…

  8. Former Federal LEO, The Everly Bros. selecton was icing on the cake, thank you and to the other EB fans, Rafflaw and Bluise, is “Roots” not one of the best albums EVER? By the end of it (“Turn Around” and “Sing Me Back Home”) I’m always a bit weepy.

  9. Former Federal LEO posted the following message and video:

    January 1, 2011 at 10:01 pm
    That rascal AnonY wrote:

    “I resolve to try and be kinder to all that I meet…put a little sunshine in there lives…..”


    To wit I present

    (Thanks for the Janey Cutler video, as well. Wasn’t trying to steal your thunder, FF LEO… 🙂 Reposting, because it may be the best ending for this thread, as I noted above.)

  10. Thanks for the Everly Brothers tune, FF LEO — it might have been the best ending for this thread… And thanks to all for the songs that soothe, refresh, calm… Very nice selections.

    Great thread, rafflaw. Appreciate all the comments, as well.

    May all our dreams and resolutions come true.

  11. [youtube=]

    “…in the end, only kindness matters.” -Jewel

  12. That rascal AnonY wrote:

    “I resolve to try and be kinder to all that I meet…put a little sunshine in there lives…..”


    To wit I present:


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