Israeli Rabbi Accused of Child Abuse

We have seen in recent months how the Jewish community has been dealing with an abuse scandal similar to the one in the Catholic Church.  This week, such allegations were leveled at an unnamed Rabbi in Israel, who is accused of at least three counts of child molestation.  What is interesting is that the government is refusing to release his name, even though such information often leads other victims to come forward.

One child is a fourteen-year-old girl who alleged that she was sodomized three years ago. Other charges are more recent. For a legal standpoint, the most interesting aspect is the degree to which the identity of the Rabbi is being protected. The entire case was kept secret under a gag order under last Friday and the name of the sixty-year-old Rabbi continues to be withheld. I am not familiar with Israeli law, but perhaps one of our regulars is. Is this standard? There has been a call in countries like England to extend anonymity to not just alleged rape victims but to alleged rapists.

The case came to light on Friday after a gag order was lifted. Police have been investigating the case for months. While there is merit to such equal treatment, it is still important for the allegations to be made public to assist other possible victims to come forward.

Source: Reddit, Presstv

Jonathan Turley

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  1. Blouise,
    with all due respect, I could go into the time when a Nun stole my wallet and forced me to buy a cake at a bake sale in order to get my wallet back! That was the first and only time my Mother ever disagreed with the good Benedictine Sisters. Every other time the Nuns were always right! However, sitting out in the cold was “cold”! I am sure the our Nuns wouldn’t have done that with me because they probably thought that I would just walk home! The fun of a Catholic Grade school in the 50’s and 60’s!
    Swarthmore Mom,
    I got one right!!

  2. immaculate confection

  3. To all the Catholic Grade School Hall sitters,

    My son-in-law, an admitted religious question asker, has you all beat. In third grade, after several questions regarding the very same topics you all have mentioned, the Nuns dressed him in his coat, boots, scarf and hat and sat him outside the classroom, on a chair … in a snowbank. He sat there shivering for an hour, outside the classroom window looking in. We’re talking northern Michigan here.

    When he went home that day, with a note pinned to his coat informing his parents of his inappropriate behavior, he, being one of eight children all enrolled in the same school, was told to keep his mouth shut and respect the Nuns who were doing god’s work.

    Later, in his school career, he was kicked out of the Catholic High School due to “impudent behavior”.

    Today he owns his own business, makes a ton of money, and has five kids who love him to death. Any and all questions are tolerated in his home. His “Nun escapades” are legendary stories repeated over and over again by the kids. All of his kids went to Public Schools.

  4. Seems like the ex-President of Israel convicted and sentenced for rape would open the door to transparency for sexual offenders among the powerful. This rabbi has the goods on someone..i wager he has an ‘accident’ in the near future.

  5. continuing this Mary thead, my niece, Mary Grace, was born on Mary’s Ascension, August 15…as a non-Catholic in a Catholic kindergarten I developed great fear of nuns, until I grew to realize how captive they were to the priestly whims.

  6. rcampbell,
    It is good to know that I had company in the dreaded hallway!
    Swarthmore Mom, Is that December 8th? I can’t even remember anymore.

  7. “Seems the worlds great religions are more alike than they may first appear.”

    This is all too true. Most major religions have historically intertwined with the establishment in power. A significant percentage of those “called” to officiate are battling their own personal demons in the vain hope that their particular religion will “cure” them. Being in many instances, either the creature of the powers that be, or able to manipulate them politically, these religious establishments invariably choose to cover up miscreation to stave off embarassment and keep their coffers full.

  8. ay,rafflaw: My sister, Mary, was born on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

  9. raff

    It was a different question that got me sideways with the nuns. You may recall that we were taught that at the end of the world our bodies and souls would be reunited for final judgement. As a third grader just becoming aware of my body and that I was a living being, I was keen to keep my corporal shell in heaven, so I asked what happens to that reunited being AFTER the judgement. Like you, I got the hall for being impudent and never got an answer.

  10. AY, I got into trouble with the Nuns on that immaculate conception idea! Spent a lot time in the hall and I never did get a straight answer!

  11. Seems that Mary the mother of Jesus was a person dedicated to the temple….at about age 4….a customary practice then….then we have the immaculate conception…..alla….

  12. Seems the worlds great religions are more alike than they may first appear.

    If you give some people authority there is a percentage that will misuse and abuse it. Popes, police or Principals, they all have their share. What sets good and decent organizations and societies apart from the rest is how they respond. Do they expose the ‘bad apple’ and try to correct the damage or do they protect the offender and pretend nothing happened?

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