Behold The Roll Cloud

Behold the roll cloud. This particular roll cloud was photographed in Ontario, Canada and put on Reddit.

The Cloud Appreciation Society (yes, there is a Cloud Appreciation Society) says

Vertical columns of warmer air surge up the middle of storm clouds, while cooler air sinks downwards around them – helped along by all the falling rain and hail. In certain conditions, this sinking air can hit the ground in such a violent way that it causes a solitary wave of air to advance ahead of the storm. In the middle of this advancing wave of air, a roll cloud can occasionally appear, rotating as it travels.

13 thoughts on “Behold The Roll Cloud”

  1. It looks like a chemtrail. Please look up HAARP and chemtrails. There, you will probably find the answers.

  2. Alternately:

    Because there are very few good times for Lawrence Welk…


  3. Because it’s never not a good time for Cab…


  4. AAAGGGHHH i’m starting to think like tootie

    my first thought was dude, god’s rolling one.

  5. sdmike, thanks for the link, clicking on the upper right picture of the clouds and then the full resolution link presents a lovely pic of the trio.

  6. SDmike,

    Were those not more after pills to take away the hang overs….

  7. I have looked at life from both sides now……seems I have heard that before somewhere…

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