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  1. I was piddling away on another thread, and put there, which may better belong here:

    “Oh, my wife just said something, “Yea, Pack!”

    Do that learn youse to not nohow make no fun of me and my main mens?

    Yea, Pack! Pack done gone went!”

  2. A typical Bears fan had a perfect seat on the 50 yard line at the Super Bowl. As the game was getting underway a man approached this fellow and asked if the empty seat next to him was taken. He responded that it was his seat that he bought for his wife who unfortunately had recently died and thus unable to attend.

    The inquirer asked the man why he hadn’t given the seat to a family member or friend in as much as it was a coveted ticket. The man answered with obvious justification, “My family and friends are all at the funeral…”

  3. I have to go with Blouise, The Peoples Prognosticator and Prophet of Professional Pigskin Probabilities who Postulates Packers Pummelling Pittsburgh in the Pinnacle of Playoffs.

    P.S. Pick the Packers and Pocket the Payoff.

  4. Solid bets are, in the world in which I mostly life, deceptively illusory correlations.

    The only solid bet I would ever accept is the solid bet that there are no solid bets. And I always decline to accept it.

    1. Go, Pack!
    2. Go, Pack!
    3. Go, Pack!
    4. Go to 1.!
    5. Go and win or go and lose, but GO!
    6. Go stay home!
    7. Or else?

    Another creation of evolution story has been given.
    Most folks, I speculate, have lives that begin as though at 1.
    My life began as though at 5.

    Every time someone is at 4. and I am at 5., I get another glimpse into the prototype world in which most people have been given life.

    It seems to me, as somewhat in the manner of the movie, “The Matrix,” there is not only the prototype world which most people find their lives happening, there is also a real world being made.

    This real world is not its name. Is it of the doings of the Great Spirit?

    I have previously cited the “Self-Portrait” of Chapter 2 of Albert Einstein’s “Out of My Later Years.”

    People who live only within the world of social consensus and never venture into the world outside that consensus cannot possibly know what it is to actually live outside consensus reality, never having really done.

    Yet the world of reality-defined-by-groupthink-consensus is totally encompassed within the world which transcends consensus reality.

    As much as I know and understand the world of judgment and reward (reward includes the reward of punishment), immeasurably more do I know and understand the larger world whereof the world of judgment and reward is the world best avoided because it is the world of evil.

    Living in the world of evil is good because, until enough knowledge and understanding of evil has creatively evolved, people cannot avoid doing evil because of not yet being able to recognize it.

    As it is right to avoid doing what is wrong, so it is right to do what is wrong when such is the only achievable path to learning what is wrong and how to avoid doing it.

    All that is wrong is thus a proper subset of what is right, yet what is right vastly exceeds all that is wrong, except within the micro-world of what is wrong; the world in which, “If everyone is doing it, it is okay.”

    So, later today, many people will, in the manner of the Roman Colosseum, while the adversarial approach to life is working at making the next Jeffrey Dahmer by ignoring or dismissing his prodromal violence signs, be spectators to a meaningless spectacle, while the real world cries out for attention as the spectators revel in their inattention to violence around (and within?) them.

    While sincerity is good, it is not sufficient. Do what causes a problem without understanding that what one is doing is causing the problem, and it is reasonable to be dismayed as to why the problem one sought to avoid became unavoidable.

  5. Mike S.,

    Cynic? Sometimes. Okay . . . much of the time. Perhaps only on days ending in “y”. 🙂 I do, however, know a solid bet when I see it.

  6. While I continue to feel that the Jets will win, the outcome either way won’t disappoint me. It’s been a fun season and if they get to the SB it will be the 2nd greatest event in their distressing history. That will be good enough for me.

    you’re such a cynic.

  7. I have it on good authority (my neighbor is a professional gambler … he never seems to work) that the Packers will be champs. Weep my children, weep.

  8. I predict the real winners of the Super Bowl will be the network advertising department.

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