Actor Tells Judge To Suck His [Blank] . . . Instead Judge Gives Actor 107 Years

Many defendants work hard to find the right balance between expressions of contrition and innocence before a criminal sentencing. Zaire Page, 24, decided that brevity was the soul of wit and simply told Judge Vincent Del Giudice to “suck his d—.” Del Guidice declined the offer and instead gave him 107 years.

It is not like Zaire Page was not prepared for this moment. His appearance was the ultimate example of method acting. Page played Man Man, a murderer on Brooklyn’s Finest.

Page follows Lillo Brancato, the star from Sopranos and The Bronx Tale in going to jail for an actual murder.

Page was convicted in the brutal murder of Lethania Garcia with the help of Robert Crawford in what was a brutal murder in a Fort Greene beauty parlor in 2008. The two followed Garcia from a courthouse and killed him as well as off-duty police officer Andrea Cox. His co-conspirator only received 53 years — but notably elected not to offer fellatio as a statement to the court.

With Brancato also in jail in New York, this year’s inmate production may become the hottest ticket in town. I would suggest The Importance of Being Ernest for this year’s instructive theatrical work.

Source: Daily News

23 thoughts on “Actor Tells Judge To Suck His [Blank] . . . Instead Judge Gives Actor 107 Years”

  1. and to think, if he had only begged the judge for mercy he might have only gotten the gas chamber.

    on a lighter note, how do you pee up someones leg?

  2. Oh! for the good old days when murder defendants had class. In September,1940, Harry “Pittsburgh Phil” Strauss and Martin “Buggsy” Goldstein, of the infamous “Murder,Inc.” gang of professional mob killers were convicted of the strangulation murder of bookmaker Irving “Puggy” Feinstein on the testimony of Abe “Kid Twist” Reles and Seymour “Blue Jaw” Magoon.
    The judge, who didn’t have a nickname, offered “Buggsy” Goldstein the opportunity to address the court before sentencing. “Buggsy” said, “Judge, I would like to pee up your leg.” In spite of this friendly witticism, the judge sentenced “Buggsy” to death in the electric chair, which was carried out on June 12, 1941.

  3. Am I the only one that read the headline and heard Gene Rayburn’s voice?

    “The judge was about to sentence the actor, but before he could, the actor said, “Suck my BLANK.”

    [Cue awesome 70s guitar with wah pedal turned up to 11.]

  4. he only said what many of us have wanted to say, standing in front of a little tin god, sometimes the most corrupt person in the room.

  5. Uh, oh. I shouldn’t have read the linked article. I have that movie on the table next to my desk, unwatched as yet.

  6. Elaine,
    I loved the Rowan and Martin video with Sammy Davis, Jr. Great show!!
    Thanks for the trailer. I will have to see that movie.

  7. The movie itself will become a classic,its real and gritty and shows why some of the things that are posted here on the blog about cops going bad and why:*****

  8. “suck his d—.”

    Wonder if he kisses his mother with that mouth?

    At any rate, he better think before making this proclamation once he gets to prison.

  9. Here is one guy who better look out in the prison shower. Remember, do not drop the soap! It sounds like this guy really deserves to be a “guest” of the state for the rest of his putrid life.

  10. Life judges go too far. Bernie Madoff spent a summer before sentencing, got 150 years, and wasn’t given credit for time served.

  11. Thank goodness the sentence was for murder. The title implied that the 107-year sentence was for contempt.

  12. A judge who would be swayed to double a defendant’s sentence because the defendant showed contempt is a reactionary ***hole himself.

  13. And the title will probably not be “touting the pole while saving the hole…” I suppose this would not be a topic for the “Bum Steer” awards…… I suppose the title of “Dirty Dancing” is already taken….so maybe it should be called “No Pole Smokin Required, While in the Hole”…….

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