There Oda Be a Law: Feral Animals in Utah, Beware!

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Rep. Curtis Oda, a Republican member of the Utah House of Representatives, says he wants “to protect people from getting in trouble for doing the right thing.” And the “right thing” according to Oda is killing feral animals. Oda does not think that feral animals should be protected by a law that makes cruelty to animals a felony. He  feels that feral animals can pose health risks.

Oda is chief sponsor of House Bill 210 that would change the current law in order to allow the humane killing of feral animals. Two of the killing methods that Oda considers to be humane are clubbing and decapitation.

Animal advocate Ann Davis believes that lethal injection is the only humane way to put down animals. Davis has concerns about the bill’s ramifications. “How do you differentiate a feral cat from somebody’s beloved pet? Most often you don’t put a collar on a cat.” Davis fears that if the bill is passed into law, it might open up the floodgates to the mass killings of animals.


 From The Colbert Report (1/26/2011): Mr. Smith Goes to the State Legislature Then Later Possibly Washington—Curtis Oda


The Salt Lake Tribune


23 thoughts on “There Oda Be a Law: Feral Animals in Utah, Beware!”

  1. Just because my representative says it’s ok to kill animals “inhumanely” does not mean everyone will go and do it. I have asked roughly 150 locals whether they agree and 7 have so far. Some of you saying Utah is a barbaric state are probably from criminal cities such as Detroit and disgusting states like California, Nevada, and New York. Oh and bow hunting is completely humane, Lottakatz(what kind of name is that anyway?)

  2. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals
    are treated…I hold that, the more helpless the creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.
    Mahatma Ghandi

    Mr Oda,
    I just heard you on Fox 13 news regarding the death threats you are receiving, and I quote “People need to be more civil.” I agree. This should also apply to some feral animals who, by no choice of their own, have reverted to being feral. People get little puppies and kittens, “Oh, how cute they are when they are babies”. But they grow up, and, like human children, require medical care. I think you should focus your bill more on the uncaring humans who toss out their cute pets when they need to be spayed or neutered, or need other medical care. Animals are sentient beings, they love, they hurt, they do feel pain, and they are as much entitled to life as humans are. Most species of them were here first. They struggle every day just to survive, and a lot don’t. I have cats, and I DO NOT let them outside at all, I know how cruel some people can be.
    No wonder kids today are killing each other. Got a “nuisance animal”? Just kill it! What kind of message is that sending?
    A much better solution is TNR, or Trap Nueter, Release in case you don’t know what that is Mr Oda. Do some research and ammend your bill. By the way, do you have pets of your own? How would you feel if one day you find your loving companion dead?

  3. I live in Utah, how will someone know my cat is not feral and not just playing in the acreage around us. Clubbing? How can that possibly be humane?

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