Puppy Parcel: Minneapolis Woman Tries To Mail Puppy

Stacey Champion, 39, is not exactly a puppy person. Champion has been charged with animal cruelty after postal employees found a puppy in a box she was sending to a relative. Her defense: she paid extra for two-day priority mail.

When the box fell off a counter, the mail staff heard the poodle-mixed pup panting inside of the box. Pete Nowacki of the Postal Service warned other customers “a puppy is a definite no-no.” The puppy was a present for a relative.

Source: CBS

27 thoughts on “Puppy Parcel: Minneapolis Woman Tries To Mail Puppy”

  1. I’ve heard tell that down in appalachia, the mail will deliver all sorts of things: car tires, luggages, and even live chickens that sit up in the mail van clucking away! But of course they are not wrapped or concealed…I would assume they are tethered in some way.

  2. This act seems too ignorant to be motivated by malice. I’m not sure what to make of it. Is a criminal proceeding that results in jail time really the best way to handle this? One would probably have to talk to the person involved to actually gauge the level of intervention needed to correct this problem and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. This person may need help more than punishment. I’d need more info about it before I jumped on the ‘and throw away the key’ bandwagon.

  3. Pete, 🙂 Hush now, you’re talking about an esteemed contender for President!

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