Petkov Takes Plea and Neighbors Granted Reprieve

We previously discussed the outrageous conduct of Jennifer Petkov, 33, who taunted a terminally ill 7-year-old girl in Michigan. Now Petkov has been sent packing by a court as part of a plea agreement for an assault and battery of a neighbor.

Petkov pleaded guilty to trying to run over a neighbor — Tana Bowling — was crossing the street on Oct. 13. Bowling was going to the house of Rebecca Rose.

Judge Carole Youngblood sentenced her to 18 months probation but added an impressive list of conditions, including that she move out of the Trenton neighborhood. This includes psychological evaluation with treatment, if recommended; substance abuse evaluation with treatment, if recommended; anger management; and no contact with Bowling or the five block area of Detroit Street, Washington, Cleveland, Park Place or Roerig.

Source: Detroit News found on Reddit

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  1. I saw this morning where Kathleen Edwards had died. She was only eleven. I posted this story by blogger Brainwrap who apparently broke it on the Internet. He had it up before the media outlets did. He updated his story when the Detroit News posted it to their web site.

    I posted this link earlier in another thread, but here it is again for anyone who missed it.

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