Alabama Judge Pulls Gun On Violent Defendant

Alabama Municipal Judge Carlton Teel is packing more than legal principles under his robe. When a defendant Brian (Bryant) Keith Ford reacted badly to a sentence and started swinging his crutches at the judge, Teel whipped out a gun and then a deputy shot Ford in the side.

Accounts differ on how much danger the man posed — with some witnesses saying that he was not attacking the judge when he was shot. Others say he tried to grab the gun.

Ford was in the courtroom on a harassment charge from a neighbor who said Ford had cursed at her in December after accusing her of talking about him to police.

Teel reportedly fined him $800 — a rather modest sum when one considers he now faces serious criminal charges and remains in critical condition.

The most disturbing account was:

Sara Williams said she was sitting in the front row when the man, whom she knew, got agitated after the judge fined him $800. He waved one of his crutches in the air.

“The police were hollering for him to get down” when an officer opened fire, she said.

Williams said she yelled “Don’t shoot him no more!” right before the officer fired again.

If that is true, it is hard to see why potentially lethal force was used. However, others describe Ford as attacking the judge.

Do you believe judges should be allowed to pack heat in a courtroom?

Source: ABA Journal

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  1. @Kay: What would be the point of this arrangement? Convenience for the witness at five times the cost for the government?

    Let me do a little thinking inside the box:

    When the government makes you drive to the courthouse, you pay for the gas, the parking, and the travel time. Government employed court reporters (like my niece) can work all day.

    Your proposal would turn them into, primarily, drivers, and electronic technicians. It takes me 45 minutes (due to downtown congestion) to get from my door to walking in the front door of our courthouse. Round trip, that is 1.5 hours. That is time the court reporter can be reporting, instead of fighting traffic.

    Presuming a testimony or deposition takes an hour, a single reporter could do 3 or 4 a day, instead of 7 or 8 from inside the courthouse. So we have to pay twice as many court reporters to do the same work.

    In terms of efficiency, rapidity, reliability and economics from the court’s point of view, it makes far more sense to demand that you appear there, than for them to try and show up wherever you are.

    And what if you aren’t there? Say you forgot, and ran to the store… If you don’t show up at court, they can just call the next witness, or take a short recess. They cannot do that if court reporter has to drive an hour to the next witness, who might not be there because the reporter showed up an hour early.

    Speaking of recesses, when and where does the reporter get to use the restroom? Does this have to be a full Camper/RV they are driving?

    Speaking of Camper/RVs, you understand these would have to be bought, parked, insured and maintained, and that will cost millions of dollars a year?

    How about safety? Do you understand that some reporters might be extremely fearful driving into strange neighborhoods, to sit beside sketchy (and possibly career criminal) witnesses in the close quarters of a Van without the protection of a bailiff and police officers and weapons detectors they enjoy in a courtroom? They are skilled typists, not trained police officers or self-defense martial artists.

  2. kay sieverding 1, February 17, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    To think beyond the box, just brain storming here….

    what if court was a portable office van that came to you. You are seated in front of live video with all the modern controls. The driver is a court clerk.

    The magistrate comes on video and everything is recorded.


    I recall that Scientific American ran an article during the reign of Bush I, in which three “photographs” of Bush I and Margaret Thatcher showed:

    1. The two of them walking together more than a foot apart, (the article indicated this being the original arrangement).

    2. The two of them walking together, holding hands in a manner typical of cupid-struck lovers.

    3. The two of them walking perhaps two feet apart looking away from each other as though furious at one another.

    That article indicated that computer technology has arrived at sufficient capability as to begin to allow making any image into any other image such that there would be no way to determine, from the two pictures, which was the original.

    Evidence? CG in recent movies.

  3. To think beyond the box, just brain storming here….

    what if court was a portable office van that came to you. You are seated in front of live video with all the modern controls. The driver is a court clerk.

    The magistrate comes on video and everything is recorded.

  4. The natural language of the just newly born is screaming. Nothing else. And of course that isn’t a language, it is an involuntary act which we (with formed brains) interpret as a signal and nothing more, for a newborn has no sense in which it seeks to be “understood.”

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    So once more, Brian is a liar, trying to deceive others to make himself feel better.

  5. No, Brian.

    I am neither your ally nor am I your validation.

    What I am is consistently proving you are a propagandist with an antisocial/anti-legalist agenda attempting to hide from criticism under a veil of obfuscation.

    Keep squirming though.

    The harder you try to get out from under the pin of historical fact and logic, the more you illustrate your agenda and true trollish nature. But please, regale us with some religious nonsense again to justify that you have no proof for your assertions about the law and the necessity of adversarial process. It just makes that hole you’re in get that much deeper.

  6. BiL,

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    From The New American Bible, Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen.”

    I am given unbreakable faith in the directly observable, ongoing process of existence every moment of my life.

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