Brain Injured Vets vs. Tricare

Submitted by Lawrence Rafferty, (rafflaw), Guest Blogger


I have previously written about certain politicians wanting to reduce Disabled Veteran’s disability payments in order to reduce the nation’s debt.  Now it seems that even the Military health care system called Tricare, is balking at providing the necessary, albeit expensive, cognitive rehabilitation therapy for brain injured military personnel.  Once again, wounded vets are being taken advantage of by the very system that is designed to provide them with medical care. 

Recently, a group of 74 members of Congress from both parties, sent a letter to the Pentagon to demand that these wounded Heroes be taken care of properly and without any further delay.  Some of these same members of Congress sent a similar demand to the Pentagon two years ago and in true bureaucratic  fashion, the Pentagon and Tricare authorized a study to review the requested therapy.  I bet you are surprised that the controversial study came down in favor of not paying for this much-needed therapy!

“Rep. Bill Pascral (D-NJ) and Rep. Todd Platts (R-PA) the leaders of the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force, cited an investigation by ProPublica and NPR revealing that Tricare, an insurance-style plan covering soldiers and many veterans, had relied on a controversial study to avoid paying for the intensive and often expensive treatment.  ‘ “We hope that you share our concern that service members returning from the battlefield cannot wait to receive treatment for their injuries,” the letter states.  “It is our hope that there exists some contingency plan to provide cognitive rehabilitation for service members who are returning home today.” ‘, as reported in the Raw Story article linked below.

I do understand that money needs to be saved in all areas, even in the Defense Budget.  But, why is it that the Government and the Pentagon have the default position that the best way to save money is to hurt our wounded Heroes by reducing their benefits or blocking them from receiving the care that they so desperately need?    Is someone getting rich off of Tricare trying to avoid covering an expensive therapy that provides hope for these wounded Veterans?  These are questions that need to be answered.  However, the first order of business is for Tricare to do the right thing and cover this therapy and assist the very people who fought for our country!  Once we know that our Heroes are being properly taken care of, then we need to find out why they have been deprived of Tricare payments for this coverage for over two years, and who if any is profiting from this denial of coverage.  Call me naive, but is it possible for anyone to not agree that it is our duty to provide for all wounded Veterans with the best possible care, no matter how much it costs?

Source: Rawstory

 Submitted by Lawrence Rafferty, (rafflaw), Guest Blogger

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  1. “When men hire themselves out to shoot other men to order, asking nothing about the justice of their cause, I don’t care if they are shot themselves.”

    – Herbert spencer.

    How appropriate that this was his response to a general who had read him a telegram that their troops invading afghanistan were in danger.

  2. B you do know we were rounding up japanese americans and throwing them in camps? And eventually imported the entire scientific and intelligence apparatus of nazi germany to these fine shores? Doesnt exactly sound like america has the moral high ground on that one. Also please explain how issuing an illegal order is wrong but following it is not.

    As always your moral posturing rings hollow and empty.

  3. “Being a trigger man for a criminal gang does not entitle you to my respect or my money.”

    False equivalence. Soldiers are not criminal assassins even if the politicians who issued their orders are criminals. Such as traitors. As to your money? Taxation and raising an military are both powers granted the Federal government under the Constitution. Your respect is your business, but nobody likes an ingrate.

    “All military personnel have done for me is make me and my country a target of retaliatory violence.”

    Oh, and keep your homeschooled ass from speaking German if you were lucky enough to avoid being sent to the camps. Or exterminated – because that’s what the Japanese would have done to us if it had been them instead of the Germans bringing WWII to our doorsteps had not U.S. military men and women intervened. The people who made OUR country “a target of retaliatory violence” are the neo-cons and their treasonous puppets G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

    “If they were concerned about their well being might I suggest a real job and some health insurance?”

    They took a real job – protecting the country – that deserves real benefits. The ones “not concerned about their well being” are the politicians who illegally ordered them to invade a country that didn’t attack us. If you’re looking for someone who didn’t take a “real job” you need look no further than the corporate graft controlled politicians who issued illegal orders. But soldiers have a real job. Part of that job is taking orders from the Executive Branch via their chain of command. Protecting your right to be as ignorant as you want to be is unfortunately part of it too.

  4. ekeyra,

    Take it up with the political leaders who “lied” us into war. They are the real murderers–but they don’t have to pay any price for what they did.

  5. ekeyra,
    To call them trigger men for a gang is an insult and there is no need to continue with someone who refers to soldiers and Marines as killers and trigger men.

  6. Also love the logic that because I pay taxes im somehow beholden to provide medical care for the very people who will use violence to collect those taxes from me should they not be forthcoming. You do see how that would be amusing if it wasnt so fucking sad?

  7. Being a trigger man for a criminal gang does not entitle you to my respect or my money. All military personnel have done for me is make me and my country a target of retaliatory violence. If they were concerned about their well being might I suggest a real job and some health insurance?

  8. Ekeyra,
    With all due respect, If you are a citizen and paying taxes, you are responsible for the care of the military which includes their medical care. They are not the problem and they are not murderers. Have a nice day.

  9. Raff,

    I am not financially responsible for the well being of murderers you happen to admire. As for their personal responsibility, if there were a draft, as in vietnam, the issue might be more complex but the fact is everyone in military service today is there by choice, therefore any and all injuries incurred in such service is their responsibility. I have no respect or admiration for someone who would willingly surrender their free will no mattter what noble thoughts occupied their mind when they chose to do it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions is it not?

  10. Ekeyra,
    I will not argue with you that I would prefer that the political officials would remove us from both wars, but we are all responsible to provide for the wounded heroes. The soldiers don’t decide when we go to war, but they are there when the nation makes the call. I wouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq, but we did and the men and women in the military are not the ones you should be upset with on that decision or Afghanistan. Besides, technically we are all “consulted” through our representatives that we send to Washington. Your gripe should be with them, not the wounded military personnel. And yes, I do consider anyone who fights for our country to be heroes.

  11. Training a human being to overcome neuro-biological impulses not to murder other human beings is, in and of itself, traumatizing brain damage. Why would you expect the people who did this to be interested in fixing it? Also i taste bile everytime you label a killer for hire a “wounded hero”. Its pretty sickening, and quite hypocritical given all the shouts about how terrible the war is from these parts.

    One more thing, given as how I was not consulted in any way, and if so consulted, would have advised against joining the military, I fail to see how I am financially responsible for any wounds that occured as a result from such decisions.

  12. Right on Buckeye! Follow the money and you will find out why the Right wants to privatize everything.
    Buddha,I wish we could get a universal health care plan! Maybe Obamacare will start an incremental shift towards that end.

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