Just in Time For The Super Bowl: The Bacon Mug

Are you like me and constantly complaining about having to reach to separate bowls for my bacon and my cheese dip while trying to watch the Superbowl? Well, problem solved.

I saw this on Reddit and had to get the word out to our regulars since I know our weekend bloggers are too high-brow to appreciate such innovations. Doctors are prepared for the “Superbowel Syndrome” cases that result from consumption of this particular item.

For my Packers friends, I give you self-described Cheeseheads this peace offering in an expression of NFC brotherhood. I hear this is often served for toasts at Packer weddings.

47 thoughts on “Just in Time For The Super Bowl: The Bacon Mug”

  1. HenMan,

    We get no respect … they hate us for our good looks and our newly found financial independence.

    Rodgers was pretty good on Letterman tonight … would’ve been better if Letterman let him finish a sentence.

  2. re: Kenny G-

    Every soprano saxophone in the world should have been confiscated and destroyed after Sidney Bechet died. No one else ever learned to play it properly.

    Sidney Bechet = Jazz Legend

    Kenny G = Elevator Music Legend

  3. BIL, Thanks for the music. I’m preparing my shopping list and will put maple syrup on it. Bacon is always on the shopping list.

    We’ve been snowed/iced in for a week and are down to canned applesauce so all I could do yesterday was fantasize over a feast of snack food. I plan to rectify that today though, boy o boy!

  4. Pete, “mmmmmm bacon … meat candy”

    LOL, Exactly! I love bacon and Elaine, bacon is my cat’s favorite treat and I always have to reserve a couple of pieces to crumble for them.

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