Out of the Frying Pan and Into The Fire: New Jersey Woman Jailed After Whacking Boy With Frying Pan For Dropping Bagel

Donna Ambrosio-Ruglio, 45, really loves that dog. Ambrosio-Ruglio was worried that the dog might die after a 9-year-old boy in her care dropped a bagel with cream cheese and it was eaten by the dog. She promptly called the boy stupid and hit him in the head with a frying pan.

The boy says that she also struck him in the back. She is now facing a charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

What is even more shocking is the affidavit supporting the charge that said the boy “said that the defendant has done things like this “over a thousand times’ and he never said anything because he wanted to forget about it but this time he had to because it was the “most serious.'” I wonder if the boy would like a dog. . .

I only found this particular story interesting because our dog last night moved from her steady diet of socks and decided to eat one of my son’s mouth retainer. I did not go the frying pan route, though it would not have been the boy who would have come to mind with pan in hand at that particular moment.

Source: Randolph Reporter

13 thoughts on “Out of the Frying Pan and Into The Fire: New Jersey Woman Jailed After Whacking Boy With Frying Pan For Dropping Bagel”

  1. Donna Ambrosio-Ruglio is serving a bagel mit schmeer? Not a piece of Italian bread with marinara sauce? Only in America!

  2. i tell people not to give puppies old socks or shoes to play with cause then they can’t tell the differance between old toys and new clothes. never thought about them swallowing them though.

    i stopped giving the cats small rubber balls to play with when i found one in the back yard after having traveled through the dog.

    also for extra fun give cats cream cheese to lick off your finger, then wipe a small amount on the dogs head and watch the fun begin

  3. mespo727272
    1, February 8, 2011 at 8:31 am
    Spare the frying pan …



  4. Chocolate contains theobromine, which is toxic for dogs.

    So, how is a chocolate Labrador retriever even possible?

    One dog breed with theobromine immunity?

  5. Lotta,
    that is a sad sock story. My daughter’s chocolate lab ate some underwear, but she eventually coughed it up before they had to operate.

  6. That poor kid and any other kids she has need protection, that woman isn’t fit to care for them.

    Socks and dogs: Professor, if your pup is eating/swallowing whole socks that’s dangerous, they get twisted up in the lower digestive tract and can kill the dog. That happened to a co-worker of mine. His dog was a sock addict and had to go to the vet 3 times because of sock eating- as long as they were in his tummy the vet could sedate the dog and fish them out but the last time the sock wasn’t missed and the dog couldn’t be saved, he got too sick to operate on. Srsly, it sounds like an urban myth but the co-worker as pretty broken up over it and I’m taking him at his word.

  7. A co-workers dog is at the vet this morning near death after eating an onion last night. Maybe it was an onion bagel?

    Seriously this lady needs a time out to think about what she has done. Say a year with another 10 on supervised probation or a restraining order forbidding her to be alone with anyone under 40.

  8. The dog just needed a chew toy! If these allegations are true, this lady does need to be put away for awhile. I wonder if the child had told his parents about the previous transgressions that he alleges?

  9. Can anyone direct me to the comments of the Superbowl… other than the Cheese Bacon Mug…

  10. And what kind of Bagel is not good for a dog that is not good for a boy….makes one wonder why she was feeding the child the bagel in the first place….this has happened over 1000 thimes before? Really?

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