JEOPARDY! Challenge

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Just a reminder for those who may have forgotten. The JEOPARDY! Challenge is this coming week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Check your local listings for time and channel.

This is a history making event. You won’t want to miss it. You can watch the NOVA episode “Smartest Machine on Earth”, here.

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  1. Here is part 1/2 from tonight. Watson is stunning in its speed but makes some very basic errors too, generally from not understanding the categorization of the answer it needs to give. I think one of the most surprising moments was a question that none of these three top level players buzzed in on. I wasn’t expecting that to happen.

    I don’t see part 2/2 up yet, but will post it when it shows:

  2. puzzling,

    I don’t think learning is thinking per se. Learning is getting better at pattern recognition through experience. Which is what Watson does very well. Thinking has a creative component that machines cannot do . . . yet.

  3. Buddha, you mentioned “It’s really just a very complex form of pattern recognition – an expert system as opposed to a truly thinking machine.”

    Is learning thinking? Watson performs better purely with experience, therefore it learns on its own without being given any new rules or methodologies.

    That said, I am curious if the category choice Watson uses was explicitly programmed or learned through its game practice with humans. It seems to jump around a lot, perhaps due to confidence in category titles, or perhaps in part to “shift gears” quickly on the human mind. That gear shifting wouldn’t affect Watson’s performance, but would be a bit of distraction to many players.

  4. I am sending along (virtually) a big slab of BBQ’d pork ribs and a cold brew to go along with the song.

    Thanks CEJ for reminding me.

  5. BIL! Happy Happy Birthday Baby!


  6. Thank you again, CEJ. I’m both surprised and humbled that you remembered. 🙂

  7. Oops! Sorry about the link failures I hope the next/last one works; fingers crossed!

    I believe today is our BIL’s Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Buddha!

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