JEOPARDY! Challenge

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Just a reminder for those who may have forgotten. The JEOPARDY! Challenge is this coming week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Check your local listings for time and channel.

This is a history making event. You won’t want to miss it. You can watch the NOVA episode “Smartest Machine on Earth”, here.

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  1. G’night, raff.

    And to all my other compatriots as well as I too am off to seek the court of Hypnos by the River Lethe.

  2. Swarthmore,
    Those songs really remind me of the days when listening to music was all I needed to be entertained. That and maybe a little pickup baksetball! She sang Up on the Roof on a tape that I had and played that over and over again. I better get to bed or I will listen to these all night. thanks again.
    I know what you mean. See you later.

  3. Swarthmore Mom,
    that was a fantastic link! I have not listened to her in years. I have a bunch of her Cassettes around here somewhere. Boy, does that take me back! Thanks!!

  4. CEJ,
    I know the Kate Bush video was meant for Buddha, but I had to watch it. She reminds me of Laura Nyro back in my day. I do wonder what color Buddha blushes in?

  5. Buddha Is Blushing.

    Thank you, CEJ. A lovely gift. 🙂 Kate has an angelic voice.

    It’s good to see you posting again.

  6. Hey again Buddha,

    Wishing you a good evening and here is a very warm song from Kate especially for you!

  7. puzzling,

    Have you watched the NOVA episode nal referenced? If have, I think you’ll find said repercussions down the road a ways but very real. Watson is not intelligent in the way humans are intelligent. It has no spark of creativity – which requires synthesis at a minimum – the ability to “think outside the box”. It’s really just a very complex form of pattern recognition – an expert system as opposed to a truly thinking machine. While they may be a great supplemental tool for people such as doctors, lawyers and engineers, such expert systems cannot (yet! thankfully) replace the fuzzy logic that accompanies both human judgment, intuition and synthesis required to make novel solutions for certain kinds of problems. Certainly some jobs can be and will be totally displaced by expert systems based on the Watson technology, but in those professions were human lives are in the balance and ethical decisions required, the day of total displacement by machines is further off by quite a bit.

  8. The NYT writes A Fight to Win the Future: Computers vs. Humans:

    If, as many predict, Watson defeats its human opponents on Wednesday, much will be made of the philosophical consequences of the machine’s achievement. Moreover, the I.B.M. demonstration also foretells profound sociological and economic changes…

    Rapid progress in natural language processing is beginning to lead to a new wave of automation that promises to transform areas of the economy that have until now been untouched by technological change…

    The repercussions of such technology are unknown, but it is possible, for example, to envision systems that replace not only human experts, but hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs throughout the economy and around the globe. Virtually any job that now involves answering questions and conducting commercial transactions by telephone will soon be at risk. It is only necessary to consider how quickly A.T.M.’s displaced human bank tellers to have an idea of what could happen.

  9. Sorry about the links I never know why some work and others don’t.
    If interested songs by Kate Bush were “Moments of Pleasure” and “Deeper Understanding” codes: K4vvssntMUM and OpQnjY9pj5s.

  10. I’m not sure if these Youtube videos will stay up as they are not posted by the show.

    Anyway, here is part one of today’s match. The first full game is being played out over two days, partly due to the length of explanation given to Watson in this first episode.

    At the end of today’s match (just through the first Jeopardy round) Watson and Rutter were tied with $5000 each, Jennings at $2000. Watson was very impressive right out of the gate:

  11. It’s only one Jeopardy! game. The episode tonight had the first round with a lot of filler material about Watson. Watson and Brad are tied with $5000 and Ken is in third place. Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy are tomorrow. Don’t know what’s going to happen on Wed.

    At first Watson was on a roll, but faded later on. Watson found the Daily Double too early to be of much help.

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