FSU: The S is For (Semi-)Sober

I just saw this on Reddit and thought it was a bit of a curious sales pitch for Florida State University. I note that they do not give the same assurance of “mostly sober” for their faculty.

One could read this to mean only 39% of FSA students are completely inebriated.

This could explain the tuba line tumble . . .

At GWU, I would recommend a slogan that avoids being nailed down on specifics: “we remain sober when sobriety is required.”

17 thoughts on “FSU: The S is For (Semi-)Sober”

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  2. So whats the problem…..I went to Texas…. Maybe the “T” should stand for Tanked….I certainly was…a lot…and more often than not…. Only time I really slowed down was when I had to take as it turned out not so difficult….Calculus….

  3. @Bette: How’s this?

    Oh, We’re the profs and teaching staff at
    George Washington ‘versity
    We’re the ones whose ass you kiss to get your phd
    Our knowledge and experience is not why we were hired,
    (it’s that) We remain sober when sobriety is required.

  4. Here, in Ohio, “party school” Universities are having a difficult time attracting students mainly because the parents are refusing to allow their children to enroll … or refusing to pay if the children demand they be allowed to enroll. Thus many of these Universities have instituted ad campaigns that portray their institution as a serious place of learning … blah, blah.

    It’s a real image problem that impacts negatively on the “party schools”.

  5. Hey! This is the place everybody sends their kids to in the spring to act stoopid ….those are excellent stats!

  6. Professor Turley said:

    “One could read this to mean only 39% of FSA students are completely inebriated.”

    Since FSU has a reputation as being a big party school, I’m guessing that this interpretation is essentially correct…

  7. “we remain sober when sobriety is required.”

    What more is it appropriate to expect in a society that respects personal freedom and the right to privacy? GW is my kind of school 🙂

  8. “We remain sober when sobriety is required” demands to be turned into a drinking song.

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