Lawyer’s Nightmare

Here is a tip for other Hollywood actors. If you want to sue a studio over breach of contract, do not go to the roof of a building with a large machete and scream “I’m free at last.” As always, my thoughts go to his lawyer . . .

That was the latest scene in the sage of Charlie Sheen after he was fired by Warner Bros. from the show “Two and a Half Men.” While watching this video, I could not help but think of this guy’s lawyer sitting in his office preparing a breach of contract claim when his client suddenly comes on television waving around a machete and talking about slitting the throats of the defendants. Ironically, absent of morality clause, Sheen had a case for breach. However, the key is to argue that you really did not want to be fired. Sheen was able to keep this line up to his suspension — stating that he was ready to go back to work.

I will not get into the report that Sheen was drinking from a bottle of “Tiger Blood.” I expect that came with the machete.

Source: ABC

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  1. “Compared to Glenn Beck, Pat Robertson, Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin, Sheen looks boringly normal to me.”


    I must agree. Crazy as he is Sheen is a danger to no one but himself and actually his “danger” is based on media
    publicity that may well be expressing something not close to the true story. For example, Lenny Bruce, perhaps the most brilliant social commentator of his time, was consistently portrayed as an uncontrolled drug addict, which help to blur the scathing commentary he was doing on the hypocrital 50’s society. Sheen has neither the articulateness/precision of expression, but perhaps his rebel posings and pointed comments hit too close to some nabobs.

    As I said before Sheen indeed is problemmatic from a psychological perspective, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have some insight into Hollywood’s “Wonderland.”

  2. “I think this media fascination with Sheen is exploitative beyond belief.”


    Of course you’re right, but I doubt it surprises you. When “reality” stars like Paris Hilton and Snooki are considered of public interest, enough to get book deals for their memoirs, haven’t we crossed the edge into the Land of Make Believe? I’ve said before that we a being drawn into a new era of Feudalism and one of its’ needs is for “Role Models” and Rogues to distract the public and give them false idols of aspiration. don’t we even have a higher “Royalty” than these mere “celebrities?”

    Trump, Gates, Buffet, Koch Bros., The Waltons, et. al.
    represent our royalty and as you’ve no doubt notice are consistently given “good press,” just as were the Kings,
    Dukes and Earls of years gone by. The President is our
    version of the king and like many of the kings of yore,
    serves as a puppet for the powers behind him. In some cases though, perhaps Louis XIV, Henry VII, Elizabeth I, Peter the Great, etc. they do rule with autonomy, but of late, just serve as figureheads we can liken to Elizabeth II.

  3. I think this media fascination with Sheen is exploitative beyond belief. He is obviously unbalanced and constantly portraying this guy in a transparent attempt to drive ratings is deplorable. He needs an involuntary psychiatric commitment until he can regain his senses — if he can. That machete video would be enough for me were I the Commissioner.

  4. Lawyer’s nightmare? Eh, true enough. But I can trump that.

    “Mom, Dad, meet my new boyfriend, Charlie Sheen. And I’m pregnant.”

    Never say things can’t be worse.

  5. Compared to Glenn Beck, Pat Robertson, Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin, Sheen looks boringly normal to me. Between that bunch, I think I’ll be Charlie’s lawyer, any day.

  6. ‘While I have been an influence in the Democratic Politics I can say that I agree with you’


    Are you answering me on a different thread, or has my attention span finally attenuated. Anyway i’m always glad when you agree with me.

  7. “Which one? Are we talking the arts or politics?”

    R. Pennigton,

    Depends on your definition of art.

    “Hasn’t Sheen’s addiction to drugs and alcohol been a contributing factor to his disorder? Drugs and alcohol can do damage to one’s brain, can’t they?’


    Yes they sometimes can. What is unknown, however, is his actual usage versus his need to plead guilty for career’s sake. From the TV interviews he looks to me as if he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but who knows. Maybe he doesn’t give a shit and is just playing with the media. After all he has plenty of money, a lifestyle many American males would wish for (myself excluded)and someone will pay him a goodly sum for his presumed talent. The trouble we have discussing drugs in this country is the phony war on them that fills the air with much BS propaganda. There is a whole “recovery” industry out there that depends on the Drug War and yet has a cure rate of perhaps 15%, at best. Legalize it all and let’s see what happens, because our current methods do not work.

  8. Mike,

    While I have been an influence in the Democratic Politics I can say that I agree with you….However….I voted my conscience and did not have to hold my nose or even wince….I as you are aware I gave Obama the support even though I did not vote for him…..

    I still think he is the lesser of the evils that were out there….Now if we could only get people to vote for real choice…

  9. rafflaw…. that’s awful……You Need Therapy… Should I post it again….


    You are and have always been one of the sharpest tacks…. Did they ever find that Taco……or Brick…..

  10. “….an incapacity such as death…”
    that sounds positively poetic….

  11. Actually Blouise….

    I think he is suffering from Longheria too….except he has his real ass doing the thinking for his other head…. I hope that came out right…..

  12. Swarthmore mom
    1, March 8, 2011 at 1:10 pm
    Charlie Sheen has a life threatening illness, and he refuses to take treatment for it.


    Does he need a hysterectomy too!!??

    Calling Judge Karen Townsend …

  13. A Y has it right. Follow the money – always.

    The Eberly brothers nearly bought it because they were pressed repeatedly to make more music which would make money for their employers until both were rung out. As Fitzgerald said about the rich, artistes are not like you and I. They’ve always been given more room for outrageous behavior and sometimes, unfortunately, they blow it.

    Mr. Sheen looks awful and it’s clear his body is deteriorating. I hope he can get some help, but he’s the guy in charge of himself. Lord knows we’ve lost too many artists to booze and drugs over the years.

  14. Culheath…..

    I agree….I will submit to you that if he did as much coke and drank as hard as some people that I know….it will take its toll on even the sanest individual…. I agree….and there are some folks that if you don’t play the way that they want will accuse you of being crazy….Not that there are not some self inbreeding individuals that hold the purse strings….

    You know…Charlie is getting a lot of attention and…while things go the way that they are… he is seeking and getting it….Now…if he was doing what he needed to do… he would not be getting the attention….

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