Multimillionaire Dentist Arrested For Stealing Credit Card of College Students For Pizza

Dr. Richard Lewis Ludwig, 54, of Michigan, was arrested as the surprise culprit in an alleged credit-card theft and forgery case. Ludwig is a multimillionaire dentist who allegedly found a credit card dropped by Harrun Majeed in a parking lot. Ludwig then allegedly proceeded to buy pizzas and drinks with the college student’s card.

Majeed was on the phone with his credit card company when someone used the card in the same mall from Mia Pizza Pasta Kitchen. The police arrived and arrested Ludwig who had $250 in his pocket and reportedly as much as $4 million in assets.

Source: Orlando Sentinel and Reddit.

22 thoughts on “Multimillionaire Dentist Arrested For Stealing Credit Card of College Students For Pizza”

  1. Well, that explains why he only works occasionally! Sure doesn’t need the $. There are at least two sides to every story. He DID sign his own name! Maybe he thought it was his own card? Don’t know, but I DO personally know Barney F–kin Fife down there in Polk county and he is a lying SOB, good ol’ boy who’d take cash himself to make “charges” or people disappear! Must be Dr Ludwig wouldn’t use is millions to buy his way out with the Donut King of Polk County!!!

  2. Carol Bappert:

    Charges were dismissed on a written plea bargain and not because of actual innocence. Seems you were misinformed. The millionaire dentist visiting Florida for his kid’s baseball tourney claimed he thought the credit card was a cash card. Makes sense even though some poor Navy vet’s name was on it. The owner lived paycheck to paycheck, by the way.

    One day you must tell us your definition of a “good person.” It will be fascinating and likely include the phrase “good at plaque removal.” Keep an eye on your fillings!

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