Multimillionaire Dentist Arrested For Stealing Credit Card of College Students For Pizza

Dr. Richard Lewis Ludwig, 54, of Michigan, was arrested as the surprise culprit in an alleged credit-card theft and forgery case. Ludwig is a multimillionaire dentist who allegedly found a credit card dropped by Harrun Majeed in a parking lot. Ludwig then allegedly proceeded to buy pizzas and drinks with the college student’s card.

Majeed was on the phone with his credit card company when someone used the card in the same mall from Mia Pizza Pasta Kitchen. The police arrived and arrested Ludwig who had $250 in his pocket and reportedly as much as $4 million in assets.

Source: Orlando Sentinel and Reddit.

22 thoughts on “Multimillionaire Dentist Arrested For Stealing Credit Card of College Students For Pizza”

  1. Dr. Ludwig is a good person, who made a mistake. He has provided dental care to my son and me, since the eighties. He continues to do so. This incident was overblown. The “court” must think so, too, as all charges were recently dismissed.

  2. I’m one of the people, who has chosen to stay with Dr. Ludwig. My son also continues to see him. He had an appointment last week. I asked about the court case and learned that it was dismissed. Dr. Ludwig did not even have to fly to Florida to settle the case. A woman reviews the cases, before they go to trial. She reviewed Dr. Ludwig’s. Then she said, “What’s this,” and immediately dismissed the case. I’m sure that Dr. Ludwig will be more careful in the future.

  3. This guy was my dentist. He was okay, a little stuck up. I sure won’t be back.

  4. pete

    Not only that, but what kind of an arrest would Majeed get?


    Venal is as venal does.

  5. Regretfully, it’s lab coat lunatics like Ludwig that keep me in business. Those of optimistic bent might wonder if the 8,600 doctors who stepped into deep doo-doo in just the last 12 months, was some sort of cosmic fluke. It wasn’t. That 700+ per month is pretty much the status quo. Ugly, ain’t it?

    This character now joins the 237,000 other doctors whose names have been carved into the “Wall of Shame” known as the National Practitioner Data Bank. For anyone who doubts that physicians generate more societal damage than any other genus of professionals, you might want to take another peek at all those zeros.

    I’ve certainly not reviewed all of the NPDB cases, nor even most of them. But if the 11,000 or so that I have examined are typical, then it’s fair to say that well over half of them got there, because they lacked the discipline to avoid the temptation of stealing every dollar that wasn’t nailed down.

    But we don’t hear a peep of this mentioned in the ongoing chatter called ‘health care reform’ do we?

    Now, why do you suppose that is?

  6. what kind of sentence would harrun majeed get if he was caught with Dr. ludwigs credit card in his possession after charging items with it.
    what will the good dr. get? rehab?

  7. Wow is all I can say. Not a good thing to do – especially if you plan on staying in business and have a business like his! The morals of some people are really out of whack these days.

  8. Bud,

    Did you part take of the herb that has been suggested…. That was cute…. I like it….But I have always preferred..DD….

  9. There once was a man named Fiddle,
    Who refused to accept his degree.

    He said it was bad enough to be Fiddle,
    Without being Fiddle DD.

  10. 9 out of 10 dentists surveyed agree with SL’s assessment that this guy is a dumbass.

    Any questions now as to why venal people suck?


  11. AY,
    Thanks for that link! Wow. This guy is a real idiot. I am thinking his dental practice just might evaporate.

  12. Hey now…..You might be just hurting his fillings….he could be really sensitive…..

    I feel bad for his son and the other members of the Baseball Team that they were in Winter Haven with….Can I say he is a real bastard…

    Dr. Richard L. Ludwig, DDS…Haslett, MI

    I wonder if you could order take out….or is that just for teeth….I suppose he could build a better bridge…

    I question why he signed his own name….. Seriously folks he has some other issues to deal with….. see the Sheriffs News Release….

  13. Nice one Stamford. This guy should be sentenced to an hour in the dentist chair to have his teeth drilled without novacaine!

  14. Awww. This poor, multimillionaire! His tax breaks aren’t enough to create jobs OR buy pizza. The HORRORS!

  15. But this man is a producer and the college student a leach so he had every right in the world to take from the leach. To demand otherwise would only encourage him to remove his productivity from society – that would teach us all a lesson!

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