8.9 Earthquake Hits Japan Followed by Tsunami — U.S. Cities Issued Tsunami Warning

Japan was hit today with its most powerful earthquake in 100 years — followed by a series of aftershocks and a massive tsunami. (Here is a video)

The quake’s epicenter was 373 kilometers (231 miles) away from Tokyo and at least 30 aftershocks have been recorded. Four million homes had no power in Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Dozens are already reported dead. My only hope is that fatalities will be dramatically reduced by the level of preparation and sophistication of the Japanese. On a trip to Japan a year or so ago, I was told about their preparations for such disasters and I was very impressed. The government has implemented building codes to reduce the dangers from earthquakes and, as an island nation, has spent considerable time working on the dangers of tsunamis.

Source: CNN

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  1. pete, I get al jazeera on link tv at 9 p.m. It is only on for a half hour.

  2. Hope this makes you feel as good as it made me. Thoughts and prayers for my friends and the people of Japan.
    New from Linkin Park.

  3. swarthmore mom

    yet fox news comes with basic cable.

    i want to trade in the old clunker for something new.

  4. Al Jazerra was doing a live feed when I visited them as my last stop before going to bed and I watched for about 4 hours. CNN was dong some episodic reporting also. Why doesn’t this country have Al Jazerra available on TV? Why does this country hate real reporting? Bah Humbug.

    There is apparently a nuclear power plant with two of it’s reactors in trouble, didn’t auto-shutdown and not responding, they seem to be out of control and getting very hot. There is concern that they could melt-down. Evacuations nearby are underway.

  5. Japan is a tremendously impressive country. I have no doubt that their modernity, readiness and collective composure will see them through without any of the mayhem and brutality that the US experienced with Katrina.

  6. I watched this unfold last night, really, early morning between 3:30a and 4:30a. Their Prime Minister was calm but looked terribly stressed. The water moved with such force across farm fields and through houses and out buildings … the destruction looked like it was taking place in slow motion which must have been an optical illusion caused by the aerial photography.

    There was a figure … very small … running across a parking lot to his car … water was moving all around the parking lot but it must have been on higher ground as there wasn’t any water on the actual parking lot, yet. The camera kept moving so I was never able to see what happened to that man … it haunts me.

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  11. My thoughts go out to those suffering this horrible disaster.

    mespo & rafflaw,

    I’m sure Pat Robertson will claim Japan made some kind of pact with Satan …

  12. Mespo,
    I had that same thought when I saw the video on the TV this morning. I am sure the Japanese have done something to piss off God according to him.
    I know the Japanese are well prepared for a disasters, but the tsunami waves are something that is harder to plan for when their is little or no warning. Our prayers go out to them in this difficult time.

  13. To my friends in Kyoto, the Rosen family and the Oota family, I would like to say my thoughts are with you and all the Japanese people during this disaster. The cities of Kyoto and Osaka are, like their welcoming and wonderful people, always in my heart and never far from my mind. Although I have no doubt your resolve and determination will remain strong in the days to come, that in no way diminished that I would have your loses and sorrows remain few.

  14. This is an unfortunate act of nature…I wonder if drilling for oil is going to be the contributing cause as it was stated for Chesapeake in Arkansas….

    May all survive….

  15. Our hearts go out to the affected Japanese. Well, most of our hearts do. In that vein, I am eagerly awaiting Pat Robertson’s take on this most recent manifestation of Intelligent Design and how the disaster fits within the context of “God’s Plan” for any heathens residing there. Should be revelatory, no doubt.

    Epicurus where are you when we need you?

  16. Mother Nature can be so cruel at times turning a sleepy stream in a neighborhood park into a roaring waterfall of destruction.

    Having gone through nothing as severe as whats going on in Japan,but having a basement flood with (3) feet of water and not living by any body of water but just torrential rain can be an eye opening expierience,and I can relate all be it in a very small way.

  17. Japan is probably the best prepared nation in the world as far as earthquakes go – hopefully we will find out that their preparedness mitigated the damage significantly, but the whole earthquake/tsunami double threat is one of the scarier natural disasters around… My thoughts are with the Japanese people – and those in Hawaii and the west coast and other areas in the path of the tsunami.

  18. If they don’t have a problem with the nuclear plants we will all give a sigh of relief. The devastation in Japan is terrible.

  19. good news is it was relatively deep (24 miles) and off shore (80 miles). That will go a long way to reducing the damages. Japan is a country not afraid to spend money on disaster preparation which should make this situation much better than third world disasters like Haiti or Katrina.

    Hopefully the losses will be small. For now sending good thought is about all we can do.

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