Court Security Discover Woman Smuggling in a Monkey into Courthouse

Court security can sometimes find some odd things on people coming into a courthouse, but I doubt any of the officers were prepared for one woman who appeared at the Amherst County courthouse this week.

When the woman came through security, officers found this small monkey dressed in diapers and a white dress with pink flowers. The monkey’s name is Kara.

The woman was attending a hearing in Juvenile and Domestic Relations court,, though it is not clear whether the monkey was a party in interest. However, the woman did insist on calling Kara “her daughter.” She insisted that it would have been abusive to leave Kara alone: “Well, would you leave your child at home? She has to be close to me.”

Source: WSLS found on Reddit

15 thoughts on “Court Security Discover Woman Smuggling in a Monkey into Courthouse”

  1. It’s a baby. A 7 week old marmoset needs to be fed every 4 hours with formula. Since bottle feedings it wasn’t part of the woman’s comments one wonders if she knows how to care for the little guy. Srsly, buying exotic pets off Ebay doesn’t strike me as totally responsible.

  2. Dear Stamford Liberal, I hope you are not a student or graduate of that august institution. There was a time when the proper use of grammar and correct spelling counted for something, like grades. Just consider me a New York Conservative with a penchant for our language.

  3. Blouise

    “I want one”

    I was thing the same thing but worry it pooping all over the place … I wonder if it could be potty trained …

  4. Well rafflaw,

    Did they offer him a gun and asked why the brother was out of uniform….

  5. Asked who let the monkey through the metal detector, deputies quipped: “It wasn’t armed.”

  6. eniobob,

    Pray tell what on earth do you ever mean? Did you hear about the woman that ……

    Oh never mind……


    I must have visited the same courthouse….or do they clone them….

    As I have said before….what do you call an Attorney with an IQ of 50…..Your Honor….

  7. I thinks it’s nice this woman wanted to show George W. Bush was a courtroom looks like, and how our judicial system works.

  8. seamus:

    “I feel that this article is trying to entrap me into saying something really wrong-minded.”


    Likely an impossible ruse, methinks.

  9. I feel that this article is trying to entrap me into saying something really wrong-minded.

  10. I’ve seen quite a few monkeys in the courthouse. Some even were perched up high and swung sticks around.

  11. “Monkey in woman’s bra makes waves at Amherst courthouse”

    I will give AY the honors:

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