Meet the GWU Law Revue

[Warning: Language]
This is the latest work of our talented students at George Washington Law School. This hilarious video was done by GWU students including Peter Biberstein of our highly respected Promissory Notes group. The group sings at many of our events. You will have to forgive the language of the video, but it is pretty funny. It seems on the verge of going viral with over 300,000 views on YouTube.

The talent of singers and performers in our school is extraordinary. Now, if only U.S. News & World Report ranked raw talent . . .

Here is the extraordinary cast and crew from GWU:

Writers: Brittany Bisnott, Matt Linden, Jerry Newhall

Director: Matt Linden

Camera Operator: Jonathan Clark

Video Editing: Decker Ringo

Audio Recording and mixing: Aaron Joachim ’10

Vocalists: Peter Biberstein, Brittany Bisnott, Sam Dworken, Emilie Pinkham, Matt Linden

Actors: Student 1: Peter Biberstein
Student 2: Brittany Bisnott
Gunner: Dan Gerken
Doo-Wop Girls: Sam Dworken, Emilie Pinkham, Julie Unger, Jenny Webster
Professor: Alison Shurtleff
Hiring Partner: Julia Tyson
Featured Extras: Corey Ershow, Jon Gaffney, Josh Prentice,

I have always told my students that the single greatest personality trait for success in the law is a sense of humor. While that ship has sailed for some who come to law school, these students show that you do not have to become a one-dimensional slug to succeed in law school. We are very very fortunate to have everyone of them as part of our community.

Jonathan Turley

23 thoughts on “Meet the GWU Law Revue”

  1. GW JD
    Calm yourself, if you want to have a stroke there are lots of things happening in this country to stroke out on…this isn’t one of them….take some of that energy and raise hell as to why our constitution is under attack from both major parties in this country…or maybe why an American citizen is being held captive in Quantico without conviction of anything…hell the list goes on and on…. Your outburst is without merit….get hold of yourself.

  2. Well that made me truly laugh out loud. I think every post seconday program has at leat 1 ” gunner ” that we were stuck with for 4 + years. Ours had her hand in the air for the entire 4 years that i was in school. By month 2 she yeilded eye rollings and whispered curing comments from the rest of the class.
    Last I heard….she has several kids and has never had a career in the field…or any other field for that matter@@

  3. Gw jd: there is nothing wrong with finding humor in the caricatures of a shared experience. Law school is hard enough as it is, if we took ourselves too seriously it would be unbearable. Also, there is a big difference between working hard/being successful and being the gunner parodied in the video. A good student prepares and adds constructive comments during class; a gunner asks questions that are mainly designed to let everyone else know how smart (he thinks) he is. Anyone who has been through law school knows the difference.

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