Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of the leprechauns of the blog from the Turley Clan.

The kids woke up to find that the leprechauns had arrived once again. They drank a beer and fell into Madie’s leprechaun trap (they wrote to say that it took quite an effort to pull Patrick O’Flannigan out of the trap below (when you grab the false gold nuggets, you fall through into the trap).

They were also grateful that the kids found their missing little green hats last year that they left a pot of chocolate gold nuggets and green donuts. They also left their annual gold coins hanging from the trees outside in green bags with the kids’ names on them.

The family went to the St. Patrick’s day parade last weekend. The highlight was an unexpected confrontation between me and one of the National’s presidential mascots. While sitting on the curb with the kids, we were confronted by a giant headed Abe Lincoln wearing a Nats shirt. When I noted that he was from Illinois and should (like me) be a Cubs fan, it turned ugly. Lincoln paraded in front of my pointing at his shirt, taunting me by pointing to his Nats symbol. My pointing out that in Illinois we put him on our license plates did not change his alliance. He then proceeded along with the other giant headed presidents. (By the way, next St. Patrick’s Day parade I hope that they have the Bolivian dancers again but they may want to ask the sponsor not to hang the spray painted bed sheet proclaiming “SPONSORED BY THE SPINE CLINIC. IF YOU HAVE A CASE, YOU HAVE A DOCTOR”).

Tonight we are having corned beef and cabbage. Best wishes to the Turley clan in Ireland, particularly in the counties Armaugh and Down.

And to everyone . . . Erin go Bragh!!!

Jonathan Turley

43 thoughts on “HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY”

  1. Blouise: “…take a look at the National Anthem lyrics…”

    Heavy drinking, the National Anthem and gunfire = 4th of July evening in my city 🙂

    We do seem to be easy to talk into some conflicts. One of the talking heads I was watching was asking if military manuvers in a foreign country includes bombing their airports and taking out their defense ability to resist constitutes war? Should the Congress be in on this decision? Are there things like specific goals and boundries to what we are buying into and what are they? Shouldn’t there be some debate on that?

    Even if it’s not ‘war’ in the legal sense the other concerns are valid and the only politician expressing concerns loudly that I have heard of this afternoon is Kucinich. He believes that the proposed actions do meet the defination of war and requires Congresional declaration from what I got to hear of his statement (I didn’t get to hear it all.) a couple of hours ago.

  2. Swarthmore mom: “L.K. The Kennedy family rose to the very top of the American social hierarchy, and they were still plagued by alcoholism and drug addiction.”

    Yup. In fact Joseph Kennedy had more than a passing acquaintance with alcoholism from the supply side.

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