11 thoughts on “What Do You Do If You Are In A Car Hit By A Tsunami?”

  1. Damnnn the driver was lucky. Cant believe he actually got out.
    Oh and to answer that question.. stay in the car and when you see like a high roof top that you think you can climb up to safety.. DO IT!

  2. Wow.

    And I’d like to point out that the voice over and lack of sound does not preclude the possibility of copious screaming.

  3. My guess is the camera was mounted, can tell by the lack of camera shake.

  4. It was interesting how the rainbow appears just before the water hits the car. Nice touch.


  5. I would suspect that the person in the second vehicle was filming this….I am not sure why…but hey….so…what did happen to the driver of the respective vehicles…

    ….what did they say…. my Asian languages are weak…

  6. Professor,
    I would rearrange your suggested priorities to put screaming first! Holy cow! What a calm character. I hope they checked him for a pulse. Was there someone who was filming in the car or was the driver filming and driving?

  7. Why was the driver videotaping in the first place?

    The answer to “What Do You Do If You Are In A Car Hit By A Tsunami?” is:

    Roll up your windows.

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