Mohawk Leads To Brawl in Texas

This is the second mugshot we have seen this month which will also be evidence submitted at trial. Johnathan Washburn’s interesting hair style caught the eye of a man taking pictures of interesting things on the street. Washburn, 23, became irate at being photographed and his friend, Timothy Beard, 19, demanded that the man delete the photo. When he didn’t, they allegedly stole his sunglasses and beat him with a skateboard. By the way, that is called a triple Mohawk.

The man said that Beard took his $100 Oakley sunglasses and that Washburn hit him on the left side of the head with the skateboard. Washburn and Beard then reportedly walked across the street to a bar where they were found.

Now, Beard is charged with theft from a person and Washburn is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second degree felony.

Source: Daily Mail found on Reddit.

20 thoughts on “Mohawk Leads To Brawl in Texas”

  1. I am tired of all of the nonnative Americans looking so funny. I was raised to believe in the beauty of the spirit of all, this ones soul has seemed to escape all reasons for a pardon.

  2. Actually, this isn’t a “mohawk” at all – a real mohawk is shaved into the hair, this putz is just sporting a weekend warrior FAUXHAWK.

  3. Pete,

    Who says they can’t…And people complain about Attorneys all the time…You don’t even wanna know how they got here do you….

  4. BIL: “1) to get attention (as culheath supposes) or 2) dissatisfaction and/or self-loathing; a desire to make the outside match the disharmonious inside. ”

    Great point.

  5. Austin likes its motto “Keep Austin Weird.” So Austinites should expect the curious to be looking for and photoing weird.

    I wonder if “attractive” nuisance rule might apply for adult amateur photographers.

  6. everythings bigger in texas

    he does look like the bastard love child of a flock of seagulls and that psycho biker from the road warrior. he’d have to be a bastard because two men can’t marry.

    or procreate

    even in texas

  7. Okay … I’m out of the group on this one … I love ridiculous hair styles, far out color jobs and cuts. On the other hand, I’m not big on tattoos of any sort …

  8. Again, culheath is spot on, but this time I think incomplete in his analysis. Freaky hair is done usually for one of two reasons: 1) to get attention (as culheath supposes) or 2) dissatisfaction and/or self-loathing; a desire to make the outside match the disharmonious inside. This second motivation would explain the reaction to photography in this instance.

    That being said, this guy does indeed look ridiculous.

  9. Okay, I finally admit to being prejudiced. Looking at that guy’s hair i think they should throw the book at him. Hard time definitely. That picture and that hair show me that unfortunately there are limits to my tolerance.

  10. Why would he take the photography as an insult rather than as a compliment? You’d think he’d be pleased that someone was taking notice.

  11. I don’t know … I think he looks rather French … he needs a touch of purple on the tips …

    Stamford Lib,

    Good one ..

  12. If my hair looked like that, I wouldn’t want to be photographed, either.

  13. Prof. Turley,
    With all due respect, that hair style is not called a triple mohawk…it is called, “what were you thinking”??

  14. correction…unhappy…..

    Is that a temporary birthmark on his neck?

  15. Perhaps he was looking to channel Mike Score … and missed?


  16. Let me see if I can understand the physics of this event.

    Sunlight (I understand the picture was taken outdoors) impinges upon Jonathan Washburn. Washburn did not pay, in legal tender, for the sunlight, therefore, it was not his property.

    Some of the sunlight which impinged upon Jonathan Washburn was absorbed by his clothing, skin, hair, eyes, and whatever else was of or on his person. This sunlight was given to Jonathan Washburn as a free gift, without any legal tender cost to him.

    Some of the free sunlight which impinged on Washburn was not absorbed by his body, his clothes, and whatever helse was of or on his person. The sunlight nor absorbed by (or, if one prefers, reflected from) his body, clothes and whatever else was of or on his person.

    Jonathan Washburn never accepted the sunlight which was reflected from his body, clothes and whatever else was of or on his body, and thus that sunlight was never his property in any way or manner whatsoever. Not only was the reflected sunlight free, he, his body, his clothes, and whatever else was of or on his body refused to accept said sunlight by the mere fact of reflecting it.

    Likewise, such light as entered the photographer’s camera was never the property of Jonathan Washburn because it was also rejected, (aka, reflected) and was never Washburn’s property.

    Oh! Wait! My blunder.

    Obviously Washburn had set up a secret personal corporation and it, being a fictitious person, fictitiously owned all the light coming from the sun because no prior corporation had decided to own all sunlight.

    Thank goodness for Citizens United. To be a real citizen, one has to be a fictitious person?

    Slavery is back! And then some!

    From Rebecca McCann, in her posthumously published “The Complete Cheerful Cherub”:

    Possessions weigh me down in life.
    I never feel quite free.
    I wonder if I own my things
    Or if my things own me.

    Since “We the People of the United States” are now only the corporations, living people are clearly the chattel property of the corporate state?

    Or, perhaps people are real and fictions are fictitious and We the People are merely learning how to distinguish a real person from a fictitious one?

    Once We the People have been able to learn what real insanity truly is, perhaps we will become able to learn how to avoid it.

    How long is the rest of the future? Methinks there may be time enough, though I wonder if there will ever be people enough if we continue to keep trying to kill ourselves to save ourselves.

    Is not ignorance merely a signal of the possibility of learning?

  17. I thought the style was called “Daddy never hugged me so I need to seek attention on the street”. Which he did indeed get.

  18. I imagine there is a lot of picture taking going on at the South by Southwesr festival.

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