Hugo Chavez Takes On Martian Capitalists

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez appears to have run out of Earth-based disasters to blame on capitalism. Chavez’s latest unhinged rant concerns Mars, which he has suggested had a thriving civilization that was wiped out by Martian capitalists.

Chavez told his followers on “World Water Day” that “I have always said, heard, that it would not be strange that there had been civilization on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived there, imperialism arrived and finished off the planet.”

Source: Yahoo

Jonathan Turley

7 thoughts on “Hugo Chavez Takes On Martian Capitalists”

  1. Gyges,

    In re Solaris: most definitely intelligent and more so than anything yet discovered or likely to be discovered in our lil’ galactic backwater. Also most definitely alien.

  2. uhm i beg to differ they aren’t on mars they’re right here on earth and make sure to read thoroughly what you find will be extra interesting and down right peculiar

  3. There is no evidence for the case of intelligent life on Mars.

    Then again, Maury is evidence that the same can be said of Earth.

  4. maury,

    If but for people like you, I would not have a reason to arise in the mornings…..

    Here you go offering fear…what is your solution….I suppose you have everything to blame on the left or anyone else that disagrees with you…..

    If you recall but for the people with a compassionate soul all of the money that your free thinking idealist cost them would be lost….Why don’t you have your people give back the money that they stole from the old folks and maybe taxes could be lowered…..think about that…..

    All of the ideals that you expound upon have ended up costing the taxpayers in the end….save now social security… is entirely user paid….

    Please explain to me….if you wanna do away with SS then how will the government be able to pay the people back….what would happen to the government….Daddy Bush stole a lot…to balance his budget…

  5. considering most on the left believe the same thing it is not surprising Chavez has extended the sphere of influence.

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