Amazing Video of Avalanche Taking Out Artillery Fire Base

This is a fascinating video that I saw on Reddit. Russian troops are trying to trigger a controlled avalanche but it turns out a bit bigger than anticipated in North Ossetia, Russia.

The reaction of the soldiers is notable as they realize that this thing was coming toward them. The distance of the artillery hits were miles away but within seconds the avalanche hits the artillery base.

6 thoughts on “Amazing Video of Avalanche Taking Out Artillery Fire Base”

  1. Placing yourself in the potential path of the slide is pretty stupid.

    I watched this in the office with the sound off, so a voice over may have explained this as it was happening: When the snow cloud approaches the road, did you notice the sparks and flashes inside the cloud? That was the slide taking out the electrical substation…

    A bunch of people lost power in that moment, and I suspect that they didn’t get power restored until those geniuses with the artillery dug out the substation.

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