Fender Bender Leads To Question Of Whether Scalia Drives Like an Originalist

Before the oral argument in the Walmart case this week, Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was ticketed for causing a four car accident on the George Washington Parkway.

Now before you start to say Scalia is often accused of not knowing when to stop, I must say (as someone who drives the same route each day) that cars can stop suddenly on GW Parkway.

Scalia’s BMW had to be towed from the south lane approaching Roosevelt Bridge after he rear-ended a car that was stopped due to traffic.

He is looking at a fine of $70, plus a $20 special assessment.

Worse yet, I was caught in the resulting traffic on my way from McLean to work. Had I known I would have yelled, “Hey, Buddy, you drive like George Mason!”

It turns out “justice delayed was [not] justice denied.” Scalia made the Walmart argument and promptly complained that “I’m getting whipsawed here” in questions with counsel. I expect that was a reference to events a bit before the argument.

Source: Washington Post

Jonathan Turley

28 thoughts on “Fender Bender Leads To Question Of Whether Scalia Drives Like an Originalist”

  1. rafflaw
    1, March 30, 2011 at 10:22 pm
    I think all of the Supremes should be tested every year

    as in, fill this cup or which of these documents is the constitution?

  2. wayne in minnesota

    i live in florida, i’d just like to see the over 80’s get tested. the last state rep that brought that up still has aarp footprints on his back.

  3. So would I, and believe me, I’m well into the Over-32 age bracket, so i would certainly qualify for this. Hasn’t anybody yet realized what an incredible source of revenue that testing over-60s every four years would be?

  4. I’d like to see increased testing on both sides of the age spectrum when it comes to drivers licenses.

  5. raff:

    ” I am still interested if Scalia had insurance.”

    Yes,SCOTUS llc,LOL!!

  6. I feel there is a sense here of this:

    “glee [gliː]
    1. great merriment or delight, often caused by someone else’s misfortune”

  7. Associate Justice Scalia drives a BMW? Is this an “original” BMW? Considering, in the Justice’s philosophy, nothing good ever comes from change – original intent is always preferable – I’m assuming his BMW is a 1928 model. He probably needs a brake job.

  8. rafflaw,

    “Scalia probably complained that he is the Original Driver in DC so the other drivers must be at fault.”

    Lmao – you’re probably righ, raff 😀

  9. Stamford,
    Scalia probably complained that he is the Original Driver in DC so the other drivers must be at fault.

  10. Buddha,
    I think the Wal-Mart favored decision has already been written by Wal-Mart’s Justices, er, I mean lawyers! By the way, did Scalia have proof of insurance?

  11. He has to drive himself. Maybe he needs a driving test to assure he can still see straight. The last 3 decisions Tony have been disappointing. He has forgotten the party line.

  12. So anyone taking bets on whether this makes Justice Fascist No Brakes grumpy enough to rule in favor of Wal-Mart?

  13. $90 in total? Wow…they must not try to pay off D.C. debt with traffic tix like they do in LA, where you could lose your house if you get a ticket for rolling through a stop sign.

  14. Maybe he has a friend in the police department who can ‘fix’ his ticket?

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