Former Judge and Prosecutor in Newark Confesses To Arranging False Confession By Innocent Man To Clear Career Criminal

Former prosecutor and judge Clifford J. Minor has confessed to taking a bribe, procuring a false confession, lying to investigators, and falsifying documents. Before serving as a prosecutor and a judge, Minor was a police officer. He later ran for mayor of Newark.

At the heart of the case is a confession by Jamal Muhammad to a gun charge. The actual culprit was Abdul Williams, but Williams had a much longer record and would have received a long sentence. Minor took $3,500 in two payments from Williams to act as Mr. Muhammad’s lawyer and arranged the confession (which Minor knew to be false). Remarkably, Muhammad was paid only $1,500 to take the fall. If this were a legal transaction, Minor would have been accused of ineffective counsel to boot.

Minor, 68, pleaded guilty to six criminal charges.

He was at one time the chief administrative judge in Newark.

Source: New York Times as first seen on ABA Journal

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    I am not in the habit of doing any research on people here….There is no reason for anyone to do any opposition research. However, we all come to a time our patience is worn thiner than a bald tire on ice…. I apologize for doing this…But somehow or another… I am worn…

  2. Thus proving some dogs cannot be house trained. Nice find there, AY and OS. As to Seneca Doane’s comments? Why . . . those comments in response to kay sounded vaguely familiar. Can anyone else think of someone with a legal background having explained the legal validity of civil contempt? Anyone? Bueller? However, it’s nice to know that kay is a serial blog abuser and that her stupidity and insanity isn’t confined to RIL. As always, this is JT’s playground and he makes the rules, but I’m betting a simple show of hands would be for simply showing kay the door at this point.

  3. A.Y.

    How did I “get something from you” without paying for it? You’re on the site discussing law of your own choice. And I contributed original research to the discussion, not at all related to my lawsuit, by finding out that the Clifford Minor law firm still has a live phone number and that clients might not even know of his criminal indictment or confession.

    I also found out that Minor confessed to a RICO violation which was not discussed in any of the source articles.

    What is the point of “trying to make me feel bad about myself”? You wouldn’t have known what to do either if you were the subject of unprosecuted extortion, witness intimidation, witness retaliation and criminal deprivation of rights. There was no option open to me that would not have been extremely painful. I was as much a crime victim as anyone who is kidnapped or raped. I had a statutory right to a hearing about my First Amendment Retaliation claims in a federal court and I was denied that right even though the only possible federal rule that I could have possibly violated was Rule 8, and my complaint was adequate to state the tort of First Amendment Retaliation.

    What do you get by being so mean to me?

  4. Speaking of Daily Kos, Kay wore out her welcome there some time back. This is a link to one of the last comments she made over there. Note the replies she got in that thread from “Seneca Doane,” one of the lawyers who blogs over there. SD was as exasperated with her as we are, but she plowed ahead and damn the torpedoes. This comment thread is from August 2008 and it is clear she has learned nothing in the meantime.

  5. Kay does this make you feel good about yourself? I was only guessing your hubby was pissed…..Now I know he was…

  6. I wasn’t expecting to hire any lawyer here, I just wanted to discuss First Amendment and Privacy Act issues to bring attention to them and to clarify my thoughts. I wasn’t expecting to get into such a long discussion but I felt compelled to correct the record when it was suggested that I had done something illegal or broken a rule.

    As recognized by the Colorado Supreme Court years ago

    the inferior tribunal has exceeded its jurisdiction in not complying with Rule 65, R.C.P. There is no plain, speedy or adequate remedy available to petitioners except
    that herein sought. The petition filed in this court set forth the necessary facts and circumstances calling for the exercise of our discretion, and we consider it a matter of “great public importance” when an inferior court has issued injunctive orders without complying with the provisions of Rule 65. Stull v. District Court of Pueblo County, 308 P.2d 1006, 135 Colo. 86 (Colo. 03/18/1957)

  7. Kay,

    And another one….

    Former Steamboat Springs resident Kay Sieverding, who has been in jail since September, was released Wednesday after she agreed to dismiss her numerous federal lawsuits. . . .
    The cases stem from a dispute with neighbors in Steamboat Springs. Sieverding has filed lawsuits against not only her former neighbors but also Steamboat Springs officials, the local newspaper, several individual lawyers and the entire Colorado and American Bar Associations, among others. She has filed the lawsuits in Colorado U.S. District Court, and also in federal courts in Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas and the District of Columbia. . . .
    David Sieverding [Kay’s hubby] was in the courtroom with his own lawyer, Mike O’Malley, who told the judge he had just been hired to get David Sieverding “out of this mess.”
    David Sieverding left the courthouse quickly after the hearing to get clothes for his wife, who had to turn in her orange jail scrubs before deputy U.S. marshals could let her go.
    But when she walked out of the courthouse an hour later in a new gray and white sweatsuit,

    Kay Sieverding was unrepentant.
    “I believe that I was robbed of justice,” she said, as her husband implored her, “Please, don’t do this.”


    Wow Kay….how many Federal Lawsuits have you really filed….. Why is it your Husband asked you this…..Please don’t do it…..
    What does that mean to you Kay?


    You see Kay…..Karma is a Bitch…. I asked you not to disclose other information…. It is hell being exposed….Now I bet you are going to claim you are again a Victim….

    Kay, Why are you abusing us? You know the answers to all of your questions you even wrote a WIKI site about access to courts…….

  8. Yes, Kay….I am sure you do feel extorted…. Isn’t Extortion getting something you want without paying for it? Then We Here at the Turley Blawg FEEL EXTORTED…. Think about it……

    Kay, How many Blog, Blawgs, internet sites have you hijacked? Enough to have others pissed at you…You are mentioned in June of 07 in this one….Not very complimentary either…. I don’t do this normally because we all screw up at times….but Kay…you are making it your life goal….

    Kay Sieverding’s Very Own Thread
    by: Colorado Pols
    Mon Jun 11, 2007 at 18:42:26 PM MDT

    In a deliberate (very, very deliberate) attempt to draw discussion in our daily Open Threads back to all the other things you people were discussing before the querulous Kay Sieverding found her way to our happy home, we’ve taken the unusual step–meaning don’t ask for it very often–of creating a separate thread for you all to talk about…well, whatever it is you are talking about. We’re pretty busy today and actually haven’t read much of it.
    For the Sieverding-uninitiated, check out this Rocky Mountain News story, “Lawsuit-happy woman now in contempt of court,” or this one, “Pledge gets woman out of jail,” or for background, this equally entertaining but older Steamboat Pilot and Today article, “Restraining order issued against Sieverding.” If that’s not enough, you’re welcome to Google for more on the walking, talking saga that is Kay Sieverding. Oh, so much more.

    Note that we try to respond to these situations with humor, but we do have some kind of loose “don’t cut and paste our comment threads to death” policy. We’ll be enforcing it on future threads, so please enjoy this one.

    Colorado Pols :: Kay Sieverding’s Very Own Thread

    Kay Sieverding at Daily Kos
    Mar 8, 2008 … by Kay Sieverding. The Denver papers are discussing plans for violence at the … by Kay Sieverding. Electronic Case Filing can be a very … – Cached –

  9. Kay I’ve been told that there is always a lawyer who is willing to take on a case for the right amount of money. You are not finding one here so my suggestion would be look elsewhere.

  10. No I don’t think it is funny at all. I think I was criminally extorted.

  11. Anyway, have a good evening.
    And to you too….I suppose if we don’t hear from you for a while…it will be because the Judge has already made reservations in your name……
    That is funny don’t you think?

    I do

    Kay I have no dog in this fight but it’s pretty clear to me you don’t understand

    No, Don’t do it, move on, you screwed yourself (and your husband according to AY) ect. ect.

    Lets start with the basics.

    No means No

    Yes means Yes


  12. No my worst enemies are the law firms of the parties that I sued. Who came up with the idea of having a prosecution of an injunction with no law, conducted without a disinterested prosecutor, without complying with 28 USC 401 and R Crim Procedure Rule 42.

    “Duress has been defined as ….compulsion or restraint by which a person is illegally….forbear from doing some act… in its general sense the term “extortion” signifies any oppression by color of right….duress by imprisonment involving an actual loss of liberty… .duress by means of threats … any wrongful act or threat which actually compels the victim to act against his will… duress… where on risks prosecution … duress … an arrest for improper purposes without just cause… Duress per minas …. Common law ….where party performed act for fear of imprisonment … duress …deed … obtained by threats regarding …liberty ….purpose of coercing the other …. For its object the securing of undue advantage … a threat may be wrongful although the act threatened is lawful …. Threats of …. Imprisonment …. Family disgrace … financial hardship …. Interference with employment …. Fear of imminent arrest and imprisonment …. Constitute duress… party deprived of the exercise of his free will by threats… if the fact that he is liable to arrest and imprisonment is used as a threat to overcome his will and compel a settlement which he would not have made voluntarily …. When the obligee has knowledge of, consents to, or participates in the duress by a 3rd person. American Jurisprudence 2nd Vol 25 p 353 -379

  13. No I am not implying anything…I am stating you are your own worst enemy…

  14. Kay,

    There is not enough of me to care….or to take the time to tell you I told you so….I did not know you before you did this…so realistically benefit me… I do not feel good at peoples misfortunes…

  15. 50 dollars….Oh baby….. I needed 6K a month to just keep the doors open… and that was me not getting paid…

  16. AY, when I first saw that $50 offer I almost fell off my chair. I will not pick up a pen and sign my name for less than $200 and I am sure your rates are not much different. She wants a whole lot for nuthin’ but come to think of it, she is so far out of touch with reality, I would expect her to pay the bill with Monopoly money and see nothing wrong with it.

  17. I have no desire to do this…You have lied about not having filed a complaint before and if it was joint and you refiled the same damn one….then you screwed your hubby as much as yourself… Fool…You are held to the same standard as an attorney…even Pro Se…

  18. There is a collateral appeal option in the rules of civil procedure — rule 60 b(3) — it’s just not used very often.

    “You are delusional… if the Hubby did not sign the complaint….he was not subject to the Jurisdiction of the court….You are lying about something…..Oh what could it be…. also…spousal immunity is greatly recognized in Federal Court…”

    go look on the docket report in D of Colorado 02-cv-1950 and you will see.

    12/12/2005 704 MOTION to Enter Further Relief for New Contempt by Kay Sieverding by
    Defendants Suzanne Schlicht, Suzanne (I) Schlicht, Steamboat Pilot &Today
    Newspaper. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A)(Beall, Christopher) (Modified on
    12/14/2005 to re−activate motion, termed in error)
    (gms, ). (Entered: 12/12/2005)

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