Canadian Police Officer Accused of Series of Assaults On Citizens

In Canada, Const. Geoff Mantler has racked up quite a record of assaulting citizens. The officer now stands accused of three separate assaults on citizens, including one assault caught on camera. The government, however, has decided not to press charges in the third case.

In January, Mantler was caught on camera kicking a man in the face during an arrest. This latest alleged assault occurred on Aug. 10, 2010 when Jeremy Packer, 30, said he was ordered at gunpoint to get out of his car after being pulled over by Mantler and another officer. He said that his seatbelt became stuck and he was trying to unbuckle it when punched repeatedly in the face. The officers suspected him of stealing a boat that he was towing when he was actually repossessing the boat.

What is curious is that the prosecutor decided not to charge Mantler in the Packer matter because, according to one article, it was not convinced that the use of force was excessive because Packer failed to notify the police of the repossession. Yet, that is the basis of the suspicion for the stop. It does not excuse the degree of force used by the officer. Packer was not only innocent but unarmed. The government, however, insisted “Const. Mantler’s recollection is that he struck the complainant several times, possibly two or three times, on the back right side of the head because the complainant was resisting [arrest] but did not strike him again after he presented his hands.”

That is a pretty odd standard. You are allowed to beat a citizen for failure to show his hands?

Source: CBC

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  1. My first experience with police was when I was 16. A friend gave a finger to a passing cop car travelling at a fast speed. He was 14 for pete’s sake. Cop turned around and gave us both a beating we would never forget. That was the first time someone had ever hit me.

    At 18 years old, hanging out with friends in downtown Toronto and witnessed 5 cop cruisers surrounding a fragile mentally ill man. We had been watching the man for about an hour pointing a calculator at passerbys saying “beam me up scotty”. One of my friends at the time commented: “it’s just a matter of time before the cops get here and beat the crap out of him”. Low and behold, it happened. A rush of cop cars one after the other came and surrounded the corner of Spadina and Queen. The guy was beat to a pulp for not surrending that calculator. The people around that area are young professionals and yelled at the cops to stop. I will never forget that poor fellow.

    At 21 I found out my friend Tommy was killed by police. He developed schizophrenia and was walking down a Toronto street with a flag on a stick. The cop saw that as enough threat to shoot him 6 times. Apparently Tommy approached him. The cop described the flag pole as looking like a sword. Witnesses say it was obviously a sheared off hockey stick.

  2. Kay sez: “No offense but it seems to me that you are making comments without adequate research.”


    Dear Kay: I think…..[choke]………perhaps…….[chortle]…, maybe…….[chough]…………[ack]…you should……[gack]…..HAHAHAHA….Kay you kill me. Heh! 😀

  3. No offense but it seems to me that you are making comments without adequate research. Are you a mental health professional? Did you ever appear as an attorney in a federal court?

  4. Kay, you were the one who went to jail, not me. Read the order of the judge. I have not seen it, but in it the demand of the court should be clear. Read it. I am not interested in reading it. You are coming across as having some serious reading comprehension problems, but that may be due to the difficulty you are having dealing with reality.

    No one here can help you. Why do you keep coming back trying to argue a long-dead case? It is not going to come back to life. None of the lawyers here are going to give you legal advice beyond seeking a lawyer of your own. All I can do is echo their sentiments and add that you need mental health services.

    Get professional help. Please.

  5. Kay: what BIL said. Jurisdiction shopping is a huge NO-NO unless you like jail food and sleeping accommodations. You might as well have stuck your thumb in the judge’s eye.

  6. One more thing, as the lawyers here can tell you, if the offensive behavior is egregious enough, you can escalate a civil matter into a criminal matter. I have seen that happen before in both State and Federal courts when the litigant behaved badly enough. I knew one Federal Judge, now deceased, who would have put you in jail long before this judge did it. In fact, I saw that particular Federal judge fine someone $500 and put him in jail for the rest of the day for repeatedly peering in the window of the courtroom door from the corridor. Judges have immense discretion and power, and some are more prone to exercise it than others.

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