Illinois Teacher Loses Job After Ordering Elementary School Students To Take Off Their Underpants For Inspection

In Collinsville, Illinois, a special education teacher has been sent packing by the school board after he allegedly ordered children at Webster Elementary School to remove their underpants to see who had soiled their pants.

The teacher had the children bring him their underwear for inspection.

The teacher’s contract was not renewed by the Board for obvious reasons.

The question is the legal liability of the school district for such an outrageous act. The board is clearly treating the teacher as a rogue employee. The district is helped by the fact that the teacher was not in the stall when the children disrobed. There remains the emotional distress, however.

Source: Chicago Tribune

14 thoughts on “Illinois Teacher Loses Job After Ordering Elementary School Students To Take Off Their Underpants For Inspection”

  1. Well, as occurred in the old Woody Allen movie “Bananas,” the kids should wear their underwear on the outside “so we can check”!

  2. I’m not ready to call the teacher a pervert — given the fact that he was teaching special ed, my guess would be that he was just extremely frustrated and that this may have been a recurring problem.

    Still, at best you have to wonder how he could have been so massively tone deaf.

  3. Blouise
    1, April 13, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Some reporters still know how to do their job!


    but did they tell both sides of the story

  4. rafflaw,

    The government would not lie if it knew it would get caught.

    But sometimes we the people are misunderestimated aren’t we?

  5. Those poor children … and the helplessness their parents must be experiencing

    “According to the letter, which was obtained by the News-Democrat via a Freedom of Information Act request,” (Belleville News-Democrat)… this was how the story got into the papers. Some reporters still know how to do their job!

  6. When government officials take off their undies and moon the public in response to a FOIA request, they too should be sanctioned.

    A month ago pilots complained that NTSB data does not even come from an American Airlines Aircraft much less that one the FOIA request targeted, say pilots who flew that aircraft a few times (known as Flight 77):

  7. This teacher should be looking for a different profession unless the District or the administrators ordered this horrible treatment of 3rd and 4th grade children.

  8. WTF??!! All he had to do was get close enough to the kids and sniff to know!!

    I suspect this degenerate has a stash of kiddie porn at home …

  9. AY,

    When Rousseau said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”, I don’t think he meant dingle berries.

    What a pervert! In the bad sense of the word, of course. On the upside, he probably has a bright future working for the RCC.

  10. Some would make better workers picking fields…. not looking for dingle berry’s…

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