Nothing Runs Like a Deere: Driverless Tractor Terrorizes Walmart Parking Lot

I saw this amazing video of a runaway John Deere tractor destroying the parking lot of a Walmart outside of Toronto. I would love to see how the liability issues emerge on this one. Product liability may be one given the ability of the tractor to run amok without a driver.

For many years, one of my sisters, Jennifer, and I had an annual competition of finding the worst movies ever. One year I won with Killdozer, a 1974 film of a bulldozer that becomes possessed by a strange glowing power from a meteorite. The bulldozer proceeds to chase six construction workers around an island off the coast of Africa. Cinema genius. (My other winner was Nazi zombie film, Shock Wave, where Nazi zombies inexplicably come to life on an island wearing swimming goggles and chase a ship wrecked group around the grounds of a mad Nazi scientist).

This video clearly shows the need for a sequel to Killdozer. Indeed, lawyers for Deere should look into any sightings of mereorites in the area.

25 thoughts on “Nothing Runs Like a Deere: Driverless Tractor Terrorizes Walmart Parking Lot”

  1. this story sounds like an unfinished joke.

    there’s a tractor loose at the walmart in canada, eh.

    (insert punchline here)

  2. Buddha,

    I like “Grail,” but Jay Lake’s “Little Pig, Berry Brown and the Hard Moon” made me bawl like a baby.

  3. It’s hard to go wrong with Sturgeon. He was a gold standard in S/F.

    But if you’re in the mood for short stories, Gyges, might I suggest “Shatterday” by Harlan Ellison. That collection contains both one of the scariest short stories I ever read (Flop Sweat) and one of the saddest short stories I ever read (Jeffty Is Five). Probably THE saddest short story I’ve ever read is another of Ellison’s, Grail from “Stalking the Nightmare”. When it comes to short stories of any genre, there are some as good as Ellison, but to my mind none better.

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