Gut Feeling: New York Belly Dancer Loses Alimony

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

Forty-three year old belly- dancer, Dorothy McGurk, has learned just how expensive internet dancing can be. Receiving $850.00 in monthly alimony due to a disability, the Staten Island resident was hauled before a county judge by her husband, Brian McGurk, who caught her dancing act on her blog and who now claims his ex-wife’s disability has actually “slip-sided away.”  

Not so fast countered the coryphée, the dancing was purely medicinal and therapy for injuries received in a 1997 car accident. Plus, her husband had no right to invade her privacy by scouring  her dancing blog for incriminating photos. 

Not sure, but Ms. McGurk’s case may have been hampered when she claimed in court that her doctor had prescribed belly dancing for her injuries, only to later see her doctor contradict that statement on the stand.

In any event, Richmond County Supreme Court Justice Catherine DiDomenico was not impressed with the explanation, reducing her lifetime alimony to $400.oo per month and then unceremoniously ordering her to pay her spouse’s attorney’s fees of $5,000.00 and 60% of the proceeds of the sale of the house.   
Now she’ll have to be a “dancing machine” to make up the difference.
~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  1. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that her claim that her ex-husband didn’t have a right to view her public display on the internet! That turned out to be one expensive dance!

  2. Thanks for that, Buddha… 🙂

    aka Nope… (It just wouldn’t have worked as anon nurse…)

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