Republican Official Sends Racist Pictures of President Obama

This clearly racist photo was sent by Marilyn Davenport – an elected member of the central committee of the Republican Party of Orange County and Tea Party activist with the caption “Now you know why – no birth certificate!” Davenport insists it is not racist, just humorous.

The picture was sent in an email from Davenport, who expressed surprise that it offended people. She said “I simply found it amusing regarding the character of Obama and all the questions surrounding his origin of birth . . . In no way did I even consider the fact he’s half black when I sent out the email. In fact, the thought never entered my mind until one or two other people tried to make this about race.”

To their credit, various Republican leaders have denounced the picture. She, however, remains on the Central Committee and GOP officials have expressed doubt over the ability to remove her under their bylaws. I find it odd that a political organization cannot remove someone who has espoused racist or hateful views to the embarrassment of the Republican Party.

Source: NY Daily News

100 thoughts on “Republican Official Sends Racist Pictures of President Obama

  1. Democrat can play the same game too. Just replace Obama with Bush and insert a caption “Now you know why George Bush is dumb” or something.

    Racist? Nah, more of speciesist. No matter whose picture they use, it’s an insult to monkeys everywhere…

  2. The tea party or republican party has been sending these “ape” images through the internet since Obama was nominated.

  3. [UPDATED: Baugh is Powerless] Racist Orange County Republican Email: President Obama and His Parents Are Apes
    By R. Scott Moxley, Sun., Apr. 17 2011
    Orange County Weekly


    Tim Whitacre, a longtime conservative Orange County Republican activist in Santa Ana, defended Davenport: “Marilyn Davenport is a staunch, ethical Republican lady. There is nothing unethical about this from a party standpoint because it wasn’t sent out to the party at large with any racist statements and it wasn’t signed as a central committee member. As a private individual, she is just real big on Birther stuff. One of her passions that drives her is the president’s lack of forthrightness about where he was born. Marilyn believes that nobody knows where he was born and so this picture says a thousand words.”

    Whitacre continued: “She is not a perfect lady, but she is no racist. She is a gentle person who would feed you, help you, be there for you if you were in trouble. She is known as a pleasant, loving person, and it kills me that she is being attacked by this non-story knowing her mindset.”

    Scott Baugh, chairman of the OC Republican Party, told Davenport that the email was tasteless, Davenport–a Fullerton-based political activist–admitted to me during the telephone interview.

    “You’re not going to make a big deal about this are you?” she asked me. “It’s just an Internet joke.”

    But Baugh believes the email is a big deal.

    “When I saw that email today I thought it was despicable,” Baugh said. “It is dripping with racism and it does not promote the type of message Orange County Republicans want to deliver to the public. I think she should consider stepping down as an elected official.”

  4. This will be blamed on the “liberal media” for making such a big deal of it. The pattern with these people is predictable. Behave badly, get caught, poor behavior is exposed to others, blame exposure of behavior for negative reaction, continue being self-richeous and rude.

  5. Thanks for the update Elaine M.

    From Elaine’s excerpt:

    Whitacre continued: “She is not a perfect lady, but she is no racist. She is a gentle person who would feed you, help you, be there for you if you were in trouble. She is known as a pleasant, loving person, and it kills me that she is being attacked by this non-story knowing her mindset.”

    Yep, just another “compassionate conservative”…

  6. Thanks for the update Elaine M.

    From Elaine’s excerpt:

    Whitacre continued: “She is not a perfect lady, but she is no racist. She is a gentle person who would feed you, help you, be there for you if you were in trouble. She is known as a pleasant, loving person, and it kills me that she is being attacked by this non-story knowing her mindset.”

    Yep, just another “compassionate conservative”…

  7. YEah! I am NOT a racist its just that them there coloreds have no sense of humor.

    That ‘witch doctor’ picture? The ‘pimp daddy & ho’ picture? The ‘watermelon white house’ cartoon? All good, harmless fun – absolutely no racist content there at all. Just those jung . . . er porch . . . ummm . . . (what the hell are calling ’em these days?) THE BLACKS are just too damn sensitive.

  8. I do not buy the “amiable cluelessness” excuse. I am utterly uninterested in how many needy people should would feed. That didn’t work for touchy-feely preists, it won’t fly here. She has dishonored her position and should be removed. While I am sure thousands of such pictures cross the Toothless Wire of the intertubes on an hourly basis, they have no business coming from any elected official. There is no “joke” here. Only a severely brain damaged woman with the mental age of a high school sophomore.

  9. “Frank wrote: That ‘witch doctor’ picture? The ‘pimp daddy & ho’ picture? The ‘watermelon white house’ cartoon?”

    Also add the NY Post chimp cartoon.

  10. “I don’t see the problem! People depicted Bush as a chimp all the time!”
    “Well, for one, that makes you unoriginal, and for two…”

  11. Woosty’s still a Cat, I would submit there is a direct connection between our sad state of institutionalized bullying and the quaint and rapidly failing notion that we do not call out others on their magic-thinking when they insist on assaulting the public square with mean-spirited nonsense.

    Religion, for example, is used to come down like a ton of bricks on, say, gays. For centuries, if not millennia. A gay person, even in 2011, is unable to escape hurled negative thought and imagery on a daily basis. The blows are unending. And then we have the nerve to cluck our tongues at gay suicide teen rates after we put the gun in their hands and told them WTF cares, st. jeebus the redeemer certainly don’t.

    This is but one area of the tea people’s retarded preoccupations.

    Mike Appleton’s piece beginning another thread on the four R’s of the GOP/tea people says it all. We have to start saying No, you are a crazy person because you believe in magic, and the world is now too complex for your silliness. Prove it, we must demand.

    I would support an ecumenical service with this as the homily.

  12. Of course the woman who sent this image denies that she’s a racist. Racists always deny their racism, just as pedophiles always deny their pedophilia.

    A racist’s self-description as broad-minded and tolerant is not to be believed.

  13. There are the only two possibilities. If she doesn’t see the racism, she’s an idiot. Oh wait, that makes her an idiot either way, doesn’t it?. Okay, one choice—she’s an idiot.

  14. I am with the Not Clearly a Racist photo/card….. I could see myself sending something like this out….not of course with Obama but some family member…. Most of my posts are self evident of my sick humor…..

    However, in the context that it was used I clearly see that it was racial in tone, nature and purpose……

    I initially was going to cut and paste to a group that I belong to….but then I recall that there are a few people of color…. I decided against it…..

    Legally speaking, I recall some of the language out of Brown vs the Kansas Board of Education regarding De Facto/De Jure Discrimination and Invidious Discrimination….So from the context that this is used…..Hell yes…it is by its very fact….

    De facto is a Latin expression that means “by [the] fact.” In law, it means “in practice but not necessarily ordained by law” or “in practice or actuality, but without being officially established.” It is commonly used in contrast to de jure (which means “concerning the law”) when referring to matters of law, governance, or technique (such as standards) that are found in the common experience as created or developed without or contrary to a regulation.

    Invidious discrimination applies a differentiation scale to people who belong or who appear to belong to certain groups. This type of discrimination is an unfair and often illegal practice that can go on daily in many different forms. Invidious discrimination is often committed based on age, gender, sexual orientation, race, skin color, religion, social status, abilities, physical characteristics, mental illness, and more.

    Invidious discrimination is a form of distinction that makes a line between one group and another group. The group discriminated against is generally seen as being lacking, lower, or deficient in some way. An individual, group, political body, or business can practice invidious discrimination.

    When this type of discrimination occurs, the ramifications can range from a slight discomfort to even murder or death. If institutionalized discrimination occurs, a large number of people are often affected. A disastrous example of institutionalized discrimination is slavery, where certain persons who are related to slaves are treated as non-citizens, or even in some cases, inhumanely.

  15. the veil between the self and the world is the heaviest to lift…

    “quaint and rapidly failing notion that we do not call out others on their magic-thinking when they insist on assaulting the public square with mean-spirited nonsense.”~James in LA 1, April 18, 2011 at 10:43 am

    so true!

    and yet the reality of the current oppressive regime is ignored? Maybe we need a little magic to survive the present day reality….maybe the most we can hope for is to not cross paths with those who see kindness as weakness and integrity or fair dealing as an invitation to impoverishment by denial and/or systematic theft…

    at the end of the day we can’t blame magic…and we can’t blame people for needing to survive and for believing they can be allowed to do so without being victimized or victimizing others….what the hell is the price to the square here in America? In China it is bulldozers and armed guards…in Iraq it is the existance of the entire Country…hows that for reality?

    Magical thinking is the life raft of the drowning man…and a drowning man is not likely to see a Sarah Palin for what she is…they will see her as a bright shiny pretty thing…not a dangerous entanglement.

  16. W=C,

    You mentioned “bullying” on one of these threads, but I can’t seem to find it.

    Bullying has indeed become an epidemic… We’ve got goons on our streets bullying good and decent people — the “vigilante thug” class… No one will touch them. It’s “hands off”… They act with impunity. One of these days, the truth will out.

  17. aha! I posted before reading your post AY…thank you for the info on Invidious discrimination….thank you very much!

  18. anon nurse. I think bullying has always existed especially for gay people and minorities or for that matter for anyone that was considered to be “different”. The difference is now people are getting called on it. I see a change particularly among younger people.

  19. This lady is an example of the underlying racist theme that the Obama campaign and now Administration have had to deal with. I believe the birther movement is also based on racism. If this lady couldn’t understand this after all these years, she is more than just an idiot. she is a racist idiot. I get some of these emails from friends and I don’t even reply to them anymore. Another category is pictures of the First Lady from behind complaining about her big behind or lack of fashion taste.
    I too have seen a change in the younger generation’s co-existing with minorities so there is hope.

  20. anon nurse, Not if you are gay or black or mexican. I think people at least acknowledge that bullying exists. You could not come out if you were gay in the past except in very exclusive communities.

  21. mr. ed and mespo are right

    “Marilyn Davenport is a staunch, ethical Republican lady.” … I’m sure she is just as I am certain that all staunch, ethical Republican ladies find this cartoon as funny as she did.

  22. anon nurse….I so agree…

    and to those I know personally who have to put up with bullying and thuggery I offer this…

  23. It’s racist crap like this that distracts the public’s attention from things like this:

    Obama v. Obama on signing statements

    By Glenn Greenwald

    The issue of signing statements is more complex than the political controversy over them suggests. When condemning Bush/Cheney lawlessness, I rarely focused on their use of signing statements. That was true for several reasons.

    There’s nothing inherently illegitimate about a President’s expressing his view on various laws. It’s vastly preferable for a President to openly declare his intent to violate the law than to do so secretly. Signing statements themselves are just instruments for conveying constitutional views of the law; whether they’re truly odious depends upon the view that is being expressed (what made Bush so radical were the theories of executive omnipotence he embraced, not his use of signing statements to express those views).

    And a reasonable argument can be made (though it’s not one I share) that a President’s duty to uphold the Constitution can sometimes be advanced more by refusing to execute an unconstitutional law than by enforcing it; that view, at least for some, is a critical part of the formal definition of the “unitary theory of the executive” and is something right-wing theorists (and now Obama supporters) have long maintained (I ultimately reject that view because the constitutionally legitimate means for a President to object to an unconstitutional law is to veto it, not violate it; moreover, the power to declare laws unconstitutional lies with courts, not the President). But all of those issues introduce nuance into the question of signing statements that is often lacking in the political discussions they’ve triggered.

    But there was no such nuance present when Barack Obama, during a 2008 campaign rally, made his position known on signing statements. After being asked by an audience member whether he would “promise” not to use signing statements to override Congressional statutes, he stated simply “yes,” and then elaborated as follows:

    (continued here)

    The man’s hypocrisy is sickening.

  24. I’m still not sure how this conversation turned to
    “magic-thinking.” I just know the man who made this speech would disapprove of the idea that “magic-thinking” inevitably results in racism or any other act of hostility, or that it should be swept from this earth as something… well, as something as backwards and unintelligent as a chimp.

  25. Bob, esq. It is “racist crap” like this that makes me determined to vote for Obama and stop the Tea Party Express.

  26. The Bush-Obama analogy regarding the monkey depiction is a faulty analogy. Depicting Obama as a primate has racial overtones in that historically African Americans as a people were said to have descended from apes, swung from trees like apes in “deepest darkest Africa” and whose intelligence level only reached the level of an ape. You might say, but apes are very intelligent creatures. Apes for the most part are good at mimicking. Blacks were seem as having made no cultural or intellectual contribution to American society. Whenever someone pointed out those who did, the response was always that those contributions were mere mimics of white society (or that the person really wasn’t Black because they were of mixed ancestry). Oh and did I mention that one of the prevalent myths in American society was that Blacks have tails? You will not believe the number of stories I have heard from African Americans who complained that some “foreigner” requested if they wouldn’t mind showing them their tail. Hence, while the depiction of Bush as a monkey is equally distasteful, it does not carry the same meaning or conjure up the same history as it does with Obama. It simply amazes me that there remains so much racism in America, but no racists. How is that possible?

  27. Swarthmore mom:

    I had to borrow a bit of your post.

    “more common than you think.”

    “who expressed surprise that it offended people.”

    Case in point:

    I once worked with a guy who could not believe that I had never had sex with sheep.He was from the South and felt that all Black guys engage in this practice,even telling me about the use of hip waders to restrain the animal.

    He was truley shocked that I had no idea what he was talking about.So this ladys attitude dosen’t really surprise me.

  28. Eniobob, I have to agree: no surprise here. How much of it are people thinking they are Oh So Witty, and when their buzz is killed, as in the case of this belligerent ignoramus, instead of understanding the context in which they live, fall back on trying to regain the buzz: it was JUST a joke.

    It was JUST slavery.

    It was JUST a gay guy they strapped to a Wyoming fence post and left to die.

    It was JUST a teen girl raped by her uncle and forced to give birth, even if it kills her.

    When it is JUST bankers losing their shirts, then will we be on the path to salvation.

  29. “When it is JUST bankers losing their shirts, then will we be on the path to salvation.” (James in LA)


  30. Blouise:

    Lucked up and got a chance to go back to work,still in the transportation industry but involving transporting rail road crews to and from their runs.Talk about eye opening,now I see why a lot of trucks aren’t on the road.Freight Trains!!

    Plus my nights are now days and vice versa.

  31. After further investigaqtion I find that we can all calm down:

    “Davenport, of Fullerton, says she has friends who are black and thus she is not what some claim she is. “Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black. Besides, I only sent it to a few people -– mostly people I didn’t think would be upset by it.”

    The **SOMBFAB**defensse.

  32. erykah:

    there are people who think blacks have tails? Is that possible in the 21st century? Talk about ignorant fools.

    If someone asked me if I had a tail, I would laugh my ass off and dismiss them as morons.

  33. Marco:

    “there are people who think blacks have tails? Is that possible in the 21st century? Talk about ignorant fools.”

    Went through that on my tour in the service,in the far east and the kids would walk behind the Black soldiers such as my self especially after 6:00 o clock in the evening waiting to see tails come out.

    “If someone asked me if I had a tail, I would laugh my ass off and dismiss them as morons.”

    At first maybe.Then you would wonder how a myth like that starts,when you are thousands of miles away from the US.

    It dosen’t take long to figure it out.

  34. Marco,

    There are a lot of cockamamie things people believe in the 21st century. We have a large percentage of Americans who think the Earth is approximately 6,000 years old and that humans and dinosaurs co-existed. We have birthers and 9/11 truthers and people who believe all the garbage fed to them by Fox News. And we had a lot of racism simmering under the surface in this country for decades–and it boiled over when Obama became president.

  35. Marco, we permit “creationist” and “museum” to not only appear in the same sentence, but become manifest, paid for with tax dollars.

  36. Elaine:

    is it racism? I would like to hope/think not. Some of it is I am sure, but people can have a legitimate beef with the President without it being related to racism.

    I would like to think the opposition is based on differing ideas as to what is best for society. If it is based on racism, they will surely lose. Ideas are what truly move people.

  37. eniobob,

    That is good news (the job). I prefer to travel on trains and the only drawback is that freight has preference over passenger so sometimes one sits. It still beats airports and planes. Plus they have lovely suites with bathrooms and dinning cars … and lounge cars ….

  38. Marco,

    I have some legitimate beefs with our president–but they have nothing to do with racism. I don’t think all people who criticize the president are racists. I do, however, believe a lot of the birthers and people who talk about “wanting to take their country back” are racists.

  39. Marco,
    with all due respect, I have to agree with others here that too many in the Tea Party are racist. When you make up stories and lies about this President’s heritage and send photos like the one in question repeatedly, as had happened since Obama started campaigning for President, it isn’t just someone having a beef with Obama’s policies. Many of us here have “beefs” with some of Obama’s policies and decisions, but we don’t send around offensive pictures like this one!

  40. Elaine:

    I know a few personally, one is black. I have never seen any racist sentiment from any of them. Although that doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

    I imagine the birthers are just conspiracy theorists, like the 9/11 truthers. Heck my mother believed in black helicopters and I think Greenspan and Bush conspired to ruin our economy.

  41. Marco,
    IMO the birthers are not just conspiracy theorists. They are trying to stop Obama on the fact that he was born in Hawaii. They ignore facts and even Karl Rove took Trump to task for his Birther comments.

  42. I have vivid memories of some photos of Sen. John McCain doctored by a Vanity Fair photographer depicting a chimpanzee defecating on the senator’s head. Other photos were altered depicting Sen. McCain as a ghoulish fiend complete with blood dripping from his mouth. Despite the howls of protests from the conservatives, I recall the vast majority of liberals poo-pooing it as “no big deal”.

  43. Thankfully and sorrowfully racism is nothing new to blacks in the U.S. If anyone believes Obama did not know he would be treated with disrespect as the first black president then they are truly ignorant. Monkey jokes are so old they have lost the sting and only show the heart and mind of the ones enjoying such childrish mess. While the Tea Party and Republicans are playing in the gutter, Obama is going on about business. Racism is only a shock to those who somehow believed we were in a post racist society. Christians on this boat of birth certificate and taking their country back have exposed themselves to the public, God already knew their heart. A weaker man would have crumbled at his human-ness being assaulted, but a wise man knows, as with all bullies: HURTING PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. ABUSED PEOPLE ARE ABUSIVE AND ABUSE OTHERS. When all this sad racist stuff comes out against Obama, the first lady and even their innocent kids, I have pity for the family and friends of the racists because they too have felt their venom.

    Nothing will change the fact that America has/had a black president. Trying to destroy Obama’s character will never erase his name from the annuls of history. Anger, revenge, and bitterness eats at the soul, mind and health of people. If Obama gets another 4 yrs, there are going to be a lot of sick people.

    Remember Tea Party and Republicans as well as Democrats your children are watching and learning from you and we all reap what we sow.

  44. Was the e-mail racist?

    Without question.

    Anyone who thinks it wasn’t is either blind or an idiot.

    There are plenty of legitimate reasons to be against Obama besides his skin color. For example he, like the vast majority of his political brethren, is using the Constitution as if it were toilet paper. But you don’t see the Conservatives bitching about that now, do you? If they did, they might have their own vast hypocrisy rise up and bite them in the ass after their support of the treasonous war criminal Bush.

    That being said, humans in general and politicians in particular are indeed a bunch of poo flinging monkeys.

    Bad, bad monkeys!

    Get under the House!

    And the Senate! And SCOTUS! And the White House too!

    Because, you see, it’s a funny thing about about language . . . language and words in themselves are not evil or bad.

    It’s the intent behind the words that’s bad. Given that a picture is worth a thousand words? And this picture appeals purely to known racist tropes?

    There is no doubt this e-mail was made with bad intent.

  45. So, what is wrong with this,it looks normal to me. This piece of trash Obuma is running this Country like chimp with a mental disorder. No good trash Liberals!!!!!

  46. People like Marilyn and the other verbal gaffers in Orange County drift further from reality daily. In Costa Mesa, there’s a revolt against four city councilmen. The councilmen got “a taste of Wisconsin” and decided to cut half the city workforce. One worker jumped to his death the day that he received his notice. What did the Councilmen do? Party at one of their buddy’s Irish bars on St. Patrick’s Day!

    Demography and stupidity like this is going to come crashing down hard on the local GOP here, and they are going to flip the freak out.

  47. Off Topic:

    I was listening to Here and Now on NPR today. There was a discussion with Caroline Elkins about the British torture of Mau Maus/Kikuyus in Kenya in the 20th century. Some of the things that the British were said to have done to the Kenyans are horrific. A small group of Kenynas who claimed to have been tortured by the British decades ago brought a lawsuit against the British government. Elkins is a Harvard historian who was an expert witness in the trial and authored a book that uncovered British atrocities to suppress the revolt. BTW, I had lunch today with a former teaching colleague and close friend who had lived in Kenya in the 1960s. She confirmed the things that I had heard about the British torture of Kikuyus on NPR.

    [audio src="" /]


    Castration and conspiracy: How British government covered up torture of the Mau Maus – including Obama’s grandfather – for 50 years

    – ‘Torture victims’ in court for landmark claim against British government
    – Files exposing abuse were flown out of Kenya on eve of independence
    – 50 year cover up as damning papers languished in Foreign Office
    – Successful case could open floodgates from claims around world

    The full horror of a brutal campaign of torture meted out by British officials on Kenyan rebels including Barack Obama’s grandfather has emerged for the first time.

    A cache of secret documents detailing efforts to suppress the Mau Mau uprising has lain hidden in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in London, for 50 years.

    Removed from Kenya on the cusp of independence, they were uncovered in January after five Kenyans launched a lawsuit against the British government.

    The claimants say they suffered castration, sexual abuse and severe beatings in detention camps administered by the British government and want an apology and financial compensation.

    Obama’s grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama was rounded up in 1949 in the very early days of the rebellion and spent two years in a high security prison.

    Once a cook for a British officer, his family claim Mr Obama was horrifically tortured, whipped every morning and evening until he confessed.

    His third wife Sarah Onyango said white jailers would squeeze his testicles with parallel metallic rods and pierce his nails and buttocks with pins.

    Mr Obama, whose involvement with the rebellion has never been clear, was left permanently scarred and bitterly anti-British.
    His account tallies with the experiences of the five elderly Kenyans now suing the British government.

    The claimants, represented by law firm Leigh, Day & Co, say they were ‘subjected to gross abuse and torture.

    ‘Such abuse included whippings, beating, castration and sexual abuse of men and women . . . in many cases the abuse and torture was so brutal and dangerous that the detainee died.’

  48. We got us some HUGE racism out here…. And these people seem proud of it… Astounding..

    NOW I understand what ‘The Great Orange Wall” really means…

  49. Raf –

    It really isn’t that difficult to do if you can separate your needs and feelings from everyone else’s. Leadership can induce a sort of sociopathy where your goals are more important than other people lives.

    Li Peng, the leader that ordered the massacre at Tiananmen Square own son was thrown out a third-story window an killed by the government during the Cultural Revolution. Twenty years later he had no problem ordering the murder of many other sons and daughters.

  50. What pressure will make people do.

    “The California Republican who e-mailed a racist “family photo” of President Obama because she thought it was funny offered up a second, less defiant apology Monday.

    Marilyn Davenport delivered the apology not in person, but through a statement read to the Orange County Republican Central Committee by fellow member Tim Whitacre. Davenport said she didn’t show up at the committee meeting because she feared for her life.

    “To my fellow Americans and to everyone else who has seen this e-mail I forwarded and was offended by my action, I humbly apologize and ask for your forgiveness of my unwise behavior,” the 74-year-old wrote.

    “I say unwise because at the time I received and forwarded the e-mail, I didn’t stop to think about the historic implications and other examples of how this could be offensive,” Davenport said.

    “I would never do anything to intentionally harm or berate others regardless of ethnicity,” she said in her apology. “Everyone who knows me knows that to be true.”

    Read more:

  51. eniobob,

    People who aren’t racists would trash an email like that and not forward it to other people. We wouldn’t have to think about its “historic implications.” Notice that Davenport said what she did was “unwise”–not wrong.

  52. The E mail was racist beyond doubt and dispute. Anyone who would deny this is stupid, disingenuous and/or racist themselves. To me the interesting thing to look at is how many racists are so ashamed of their feelings, or so aware that they are beyond the pale of social behavior, that they deny the obvious fact of the racism expressed.

    This to me is a sea change that has occurred in the last 60 years or so. Back then racists were proud of and outspoken about their bigotry, just as the NAZI’s were outspoken in their hatred of the Jews. Today these maggots avoid admitting the reality of their hatred and bigotry. I’m not sure whether this is a good thing because I’d rather deal with an outspoken bigot, than one who is unable/unwilling to admit to their hateful bias.

  53. Mike S.,
    Well said. This creep didn’t need to analyze the email to know that it was racially offensive. She is upset that her secret is out. Her comment that she didn’t show up in person because she feared for her life is another racist statement. Only a racist thinks that the big, bad black man is coming to get her!

  54. I haven’t a clue how politically (or racially or otherwise….) insensitive this is but a big thank-you to Elaine M. for pointing this guy out to me:)

  55. Racism appears to be inherent to some members of the Teabagger Party:

    “Appearing on a radio show hosted by the New York Post’s Fred Dicker this morning, Trump took on the “frightening” level of support that President Obama enjoys from black voters, bragged that “I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks,” and saluted Hillary Clinton — whose 2008 campaign against Obama was dogged by occasional suggestions that it was catering to racial and cultural resentments — for all the work she’s done for “the black population.”

    It’s “frightening” … “the blacks” … nah, no racism here, folks …

  56. Elaine:

    I now know why Obama gave back the statue of Winston Churchill and gave the Queen such a lousy gift. Quite frankly, had that been my grandfather, I would have given them the cold shoulder.

  57. I really have to agree with those who think racists are morons.
    You racists really are idiots that should read a birth control for dummies book. The very least, please stop making contact with the general public.

    That being said please work with me on these next two paragraphs and allow me to show by example, with a comparison on how this picture is viewed by people.

    Think of a picture of beautiful sunset. The sun is glowing from just under the horizon. Imagine the sky and how it looks. Notice how it is reflecting a radiance of colors off the atmosphere as it fades off from left to right and over your head to the east behind you. Looks pretty awesome huh? If you included clouds or anything else in the sky you have my kind of imagination and can be called “CREATIVE”. You created that yourself without outside influence from me. I never suggested adding them. That was all you. Good job

    Now, think of a picture of the most physically attractive person whom you never have met but would like to meet. Notice how their hair has been groomed. How well does the light you created reflect from their eyes? Did you place them in your new sunset? Visualize what they are wearing and notice how well it is completing their figure.

    If you are now realizing you need to add clothing to this picture or if you had a thought about a sexual interaction with this person, guess what? You could be labeled a “PERVERT”. I’ll admit I am a little perverted cause I visualize a beach at sunset with sheer clothing almost every time.

    I don’t make the rules, know who you are and accept it, change it or keep denying it. It’s your choice and you have to be happy with who you are. It really comes down to what YOU CHOOSE to see in the picture as to what kind of person you really are.

    Now this particular picture of our president is not the first one of its kind nor will it be the last. There was never a discussion about race when a previous president was depicted in similar fashion. I myself did not in any way think about race when I first saw this picture. I, like most people only thought of it as a way to express controversy on tracing origin of birth with a little humor. It also at the same time serves well at poking some fun towards intelligence (or lack thereof) and behaviors just like the similar pictures of the previous presidents have. It was meant to be humorous as the caption clearly reveals. Race never came to mind until racists pointed it out.

    It would have to be said that those who first think this was about race and continue to say this is about race are in fact a “racist”.

    I don’t make the rules, know who you are and accept it, change it or keep denying it. It’s your choice and you have to be happy with who you are. It really comes down to what YOU CHOOSE to see in the picture as to what kind of person you really are.

    You may have thought the picture was comic in nature when you first saw it. You may of not. If you did not, bugger off…
    Beauty as well as humor is in the eye of the beholder. Mother Nature has more control over us on what we perceive as funny or beautiful then what our first thoughts are when we first see someone.

    I don’t make the rules….

  58. BIL: There is no doubt this e-mail was made with bad intent.

    Mike S: The E mail was racist beyond doubt and dispute. Anyone who would deny this is stupid, disingenuous and/or racist themselves.

    Yep. Sometimes one group or another drums up a charge of racism based on ambiguous statements or actions. This is not that. This is just straight up racist.

  59. In my life, there is only one “human race” which is the diversely colored race, and I accept the DNA evidence of all present humans having as ancestors only a few hundred people some tens of thousands of years ago as highly plausible.

    Therefore, I do not find “racism” to actually be about clusters of similarly-appearing people. Rather, I find “racism” to be about people whose life experiences have led to a divided personality structure (rather as described by R. D. Laing, in, “The Divided Self”?); and the projection of divided selfhood onto other people.

    Were I to have self hatred which was so strong as to be unbearably painful, methinks I would be unable to not harbor so-called “racial prejudice.”

    If, however, “racial prejudice” is really self-prejudice dumped on an apparently vulnerable scapegoat, then the whole panoply of prejudice I have observed, especially the prejudice(s) of divisive political party opposition hatred, might make some sort of sadly tragic sense to me.

    What if Laing was substantially correct in observing and describing division of self as the core of social divisiveness? Is not self-hatred a terrible form of addictive displacement?

    Sorry (to those who worship divisiveness), I have never been able to effectively learn hatred of any sort. I cannot even hate hatred or hateful human conduct.

    How do I evade hatred? By observing that whatever happens, as it happens, is both necessary and sufficient because it is what happens and what does not happen, as it does not happen, is unnecessary and impossible because it does not happen.

    Thus, with me, everything happens in the best possible way which is also the worst possible way because, by not making judgments as to better/worse, I end up with what happens happening, as it happens, in the possible way and not otherwise.

    In 1986, I underwent multiple surgeries in an effort to prevent cancer (from which my dad and brother died) in consequence of the genetic condition, familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP). Something like 25 years later, one such surgery may have led to some medical complications, the treatment of which has resulted, so far, in my being in outpatient treatment four times since Sunday morning, with another medical appointment tomorrow, and more to follow as indicated by what happens as it happens.

    Three different antibiotics have been used thus far; the complication may have facilitated a form of cellulitis which, if untreated, might become very serious or worse.

    The last time I checked carefully, the life expectancy for s person born with FAP was around 42 years. I am a member of an Internet group of people who have varieties of FAP expression.

    I have known people with FAP who deemed it as though a curse. Not me, though. For me, life happens, and I adapt to life as I am able to adapt, and I only learn of my ability to adapt by adapting.

    What if there is a super-bug on the horizon, one which will kill everyone who does not have FAP? Absurd? That would be my guess.

    However, there is sickle cell, such that, in areas where malaria is prevalent, people with one sickle cell gene tend to survive in spite of malaria, people with no sickle cell genes tend to die rather young from malaria, and people with two sickle cell genes tend to die young from sickle cell “disease.” Yet, is it really a disease if it allowed people to live, with 50 percent survival, where people otherwise could not live?

    Perhaps the real dis-ease is dis-comfort with the biological (and thus social and personal) diversity which has been necessary for humans to exist.

    What causes hatred?

    What will end hatred?

  60. J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E.:

    “What causes hatred?”


    “What will end hatred?”


  61. i think it was very dumb & racist , regardless republican democrats or whatever what kind of an example we r setting to the future generation, shame on her , she should have placed bush,s face on this photo he,s the dummest of all , at least obama is trying he,s decent & we like him, backoff you stupid bitch

  62. Racist Obama Email: Marilyn Davenport Insists It Was Satire
    By GILLIAN FLACCUS 04/20/11
    Huffington Post, 4/20/2011

    FULLERTON, Calif. — A Southern California GOP official who sent an email depicting President Barack Obama as a chimpanzee said Wednesday she considered the email political satire – not racist – and would not step down, even as local party leaders called for her resignation and launched an ethics investigation.

    Speaking publicly for the first time outside her Fullerton home, Marilyn Davenport read from a written apology she first issued two days ago and said her constituents were urging her not to resign her position on the Republican Party’s Orange County Central Committee.

    The press conference came as Obama arrived in San Francisco for a three-day visit that will also bring the president to Los Angeles on Thursday for a fundraising event.

    “I feel that it was inappropriate and I offended people,” Davenport said, flanked by her husband and by longtime GOP activist Tim Whitacre, who organized the press event.

    “I think it’s only racist when the intent in my heart is to make it that way, and that was not the intent in my heart,” she said.

    Davenport, who is serving her fourth two-year term, acknowledged that she didn’t send the email to some friends because she felt they would be offended. She added, however, that she only saw the image as political satire about “all that’s going on with (Obama’s) birth certificate.”

  63. “I think it’s only racist when the intent in my heart is to make it that way, and that was not the intent in my heart,” she said.”


    Having a heart is quite an assumption on her part.

  64. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”
    as everyone knows this statement is one of incontrovertible truth.

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”
    As every one knows this statement is arrant nonsense.

    Insults work by association, to insult someone effectively one needs a statement that awakes in the target memories of shame and humiliation, that rubs the targets nose in the extent that God hates him/her or people like him/her. Unfortunately when it comes to an insult contest between members of the privileged white community and members of any of the dark skinned communities who are subject to racial discrimination there is a disparity in the caliber of ammunition available. For example, when I white man uses the N word against a black person, he reminds his target of slavery, of lynching and of the likelihood that if the police accidentally shoot him dead mistaking him for a dangerous armed felon when he reaches for his wallet they will suffer no legal repercussions. Depending on the black targets personal and family experience and his knowledge of the experiences of others in his community, the N word will raise the blood pressure, generate at least anxiety and in some cases actual fear. If the black person responds by calling the white name caller a honkey, this intended insult will be like responding to a cannon blast with a pea shooter. Most white people do not have the personal knowledge of discrimination against them or even handed down ancestral stories of discrimination that would raise negative associations and cause anxiety, rage or embarrassment.

    Since stereotyping Blacks as monkeys or apes has long been the practice of racists many Blacks and maybe Obama himself would be justifiably offended, whereas comparing George Bush who has never faced other than positive discrimination to a chimpanzee is unlikely to hurt either Bush or most other white men.

    However we had better keep from the the chimpanzees that we have ever compared them to George W Bush, as if the knew they would be justifiably outraged.

  65. RE: eniobob, April 20, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E.:

    “What causes hatred?”


    “What will end hatred?”




    The more ignorant a person is regarding the ways of hatred, the less hateful a person will be?

    The more knowledgeable a person is regarding the ways of hatred, the more hateful the person will be?

    Depending on what it is of which a person is ignorant, a person may become more or may become less hateful!

    Depending on what it is which a person knows, a person may become more or may become less hateful!

    Therefore, ignorance as such cannot be the cause of hatred nor can knowledge as such bring about the end hatred.

    Let me try again:

    Ignorance alone, as shown above, does not necessarily cause hatred…
    What actually, demonstrably, necessarily, causes hatred?

    Knowledge alone, as shown above, does not necessarily end hatred…
    What will actually, demonstrably, necessarily, end hatred?

  66. J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E.

    “Let me try again:”

    “Ignorance alone, as shown above, does not necessarily cause hatred…
    What actually, demonstrably, necessarily, causes hatred”

    Not knowing right from wrong:Ignorance

    “Knowledge alone, as shown above, does not necessarily end hatred…
    What will actually, demonstrably, necessarily, end hatred”

    Knowing right from wrong:Knowledge

    Your’e either one or the other regarding any subject.

  67. RE: eniobob, April 23, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E.

    “Let me try again:”

    “Ignorance alone, as shown above, does not necessarily cause hatred…
    What actually, demonstrably, necessarily, causes hatred”

    Not knowing right from wrong:Ignorance

    “Knowledge alone, as shown above, does not necessarily end hatred…
    What will actually, demonstrably, necessarily, end hatred”

    Knowing right from wrong:Knowledge

    Your’e either one or the other regarding any subject.


    Sorry, I am obviously a slow learner.

    If I have certain knowledge that I am ignorant of some things, then I have certain knowledge and will therefore not be ignorant of what I am ignorant of?

    My ignorance is easy to demonstrate. Suppose the question is whether or not the New York Mills Philharmonic beat the Carleton Knights in the Stanley Steamer playoffs in 1849, or vice versa. What is the right, knowledgable, answer to that question, since it is either the New York Mills Philharmonic which won and the Carleton Knights which lost or the Carleton Knights who won and the New York Mills Philharmonic which lost. It has to be one or the other.

    If I claim that there were no such playoffs, I am only guessing, because I was not there during the playoffs, and I would have to have been there to know that they did not happen. Since I am ignorant of any proof that they did not happen, and I do not know whether the New York Mills Philharmonic or the Carleton Knights won, I am ignorant and am, by definition, a hateful person because I am not totally without ignorance.

    Fortunately, there is no such thing as a false dichotomy. Fortunately, questions cannot be begged.
    Fortunately, there is no fallacy of assuming the consequent.
    Fortunately, there are no errors of attribution.
    Fortunately, the night sky is bright because there is light.

    To have any knowledge about a given subject, I can have no ignorance about said subject; so, for any given subject, if I know anything about it, I necessarily know everything about it.


    So, if I know that I have only partial knowledge regarding some subject and therefore also have partial ignorance about about said subject, I am wrong because I cannot have both partial knowledge and partial ignorance about subject.

    Only, that seems wrong to me; therefore it cannot seem wrong to me, because I cannot know that I am wrong about some subject because, if I am wrong, I cannot have knowledge of being wrong because I must needs be ignorant because I am wrong.

    Let me try some simple arithmetic.

    2 + 3 = 5
    5 + 2 = 7
    7 + 5 = 14
    7 + 7 = 16
    10 + 3 = 13
    10 + 7 = 17

    If I claim that I have done the arithmetic correctly, is my claim right or wrong, as it cannot be both?

  68. RE: J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E., April 24, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Let me try some simple arithmetic.

    2 + 3 = 5
    5 + 2 = 7
    7 + 5 = 14
    7 + 7 = 16
    10 + 3 = 13
    10 + 7 = 17

    If I claim that I have done the arithmetic correctly, is my claim right or wrong, as it cannot be both?


    All six equations are done in octal (base 8) arithmetic, for those who believe only in decimal arithmetic…

    In octal, which of the above six equations is/are incorrect?

  69. RE: J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E., April 26, 2011 at 10:56 am

    Got snagged by an unanticipated emoticon.


    All six equations are done in octal (base eight) arithmetic, for those who believe only in decimal arithmetic…

    I only make mistakes…


    The truth former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is down having to defend the worse President in American history! She has to also defend her stupid statement of the pass!
    The truth is former President G. W. Bush administration operated under revenge and hatred of Muslim! Hatred and dividing the country was the Bush theme! President Obama administration operated under intelligent and justice for America. Especially the victims of 9/11! President Obama theme is unity and America first! Republican so don’t want to give President Obama credit for capturing and killing Bin Laden. Without sharing that credit with former President G.W. Bush! Bush supporters want the American citizen and the world to believe that because of waterboarding in 2001 ! Bush got information that would have led to the capture and killing of Bin Laden in 2011! Bush administration then did NOTHING! He also didn’t have belief in the military ability that President Obama did! Bush also didn’t have the intelligent to organize a attack or strategic. To bring about the accomplishment President Obama did! Instead Bush started a unnecessary war in Iraq. Only adding to the accomplishment of Bin Laden on 9/11! 3,000 plus dead on 9/11 by Bin Laden. Bush added to Bin Laden numbers 4,400 dead American in Iraq! Bush delayed the necessary war in Afghanistan! A war under Bush with no plan or direction! The truth at best former President G.W. Bush! Was incompetent and the worse President in American history! The truth is that waterboarding did not contribute to the 2011 capture and killing of Bin Laden! The truth is 13 trillion dollar debt under Bush. Did nothing to secure the country militarily or financially. The truth day one of President Obama’s presidency America media especially Fox News! Have did nothing but attacked and lied on President Obama administration! Self made up scandal without any merit is the rule against President Obama! The truth today other country have refuse G.W. Bush entry into their country. They see him as a war criminal! The truth is President G.W. Bush and many in his administration should be in prison! THAT IS THE TRUTH!!!!

  71. Obama is a fucking monkey pure and simple.It’s a fact niggers come from monkeys and evolution.White people come from Adam and Eve and god.Only white is right.

  72. Davenport needs her ass kicked. Mybig Johnson seems to be Davenport’s inbred son. Two reprobates living a hellish life…begging for company. Keep walking that miserable trail…you deserve what you are damned to. I hope you never open your eyes and that your heart stays hardened. You don’t deserve to enjoy life.

  73. Apparently no one has heard of “Lucy”… Nothing racist… But Dem’s think its okay to fly a flag with his face pictured on it, with the U.S.Flag on same pole…

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